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Hi, could you tell me *roughly* how many A03 points i could receive for a paragraph such as the following.. (i am aware that it fluctuates but it's just so i know about how much to write in an essay):

There are reliability issues surrounding the diagnosis of SZ. For example, Cheniaux et al (2009) had two psychiatrists independently diagnose 100 patients using both the DSM-5 and the ICD-10 and found that inter-rater reliability (the extent to which different assessors agree on their diagnosis) was very poor. One of the psychiatrists diagnosed 26 people with SZ according to the DSM and 44 people according to the ICD. The other psychiatrist diagnosed 13 as schizophrenic with the DSM and 24 with the ICD. Not only is there an inconsistency between the psychiatrists but also a lot more people were diagnosed as having SZ with the ICD suggesting that the manuals, too, lack reliability as their diagnostic criteria clearly isn’t consistent with one another. This inconsistency is a huge limitation as it may result in people being wrongly diagnosed, or not receiving a diagnosis at all (when one is required), which only leads to negative implications for the sufferer (may be subject to stereotypes due to their diagnosis, even though it’s not true, and the ‘label’ it gives you means it can have long-lasting effects on social relationships, work prospects and self-esteem ect.)

-- also are there any mistakes? does inter-rater reliability mean between the psychiatrists or between the manuals? and also have i mis-confused reliability and validity?

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