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Ok... so... I’m looking for a bit of advice guys and hoping someone has been in the same or similar situation!! No negative or nasty comments please as I’m already upset as it is.

Here’s the situation...

There’s this tutor in my college (not one of mine) who helped to comfort me when I was extremely upset. We are both female. She went above and beyond as was exceptionally kind and compassionate toward me. Normally I’m pretty inconsolable, however age managed to pull me back together which has resulted in an extremely emotional attachment to her and I just instantly clicked with her.

I’ve literally been in emotional turmoil the past few days and cried so many tears over not being able to see her or hear her voice. It’s indescribable. I just want to have her arms around me. She was almost like a mother figure.

I would hope that I could find a friendship in this lady as this was a truly special moment and she is the exact role model I’d love to have in my life. The problem with that is that I’m aware there are student/teacher boundaries. She told me to email her but I don’t want to feel like a pest and I’m unsure if she’s actually allowed to communicate with me outside of an educational establishment.

I really want to tell this lady how much she truly means to me but I’m just not sure where I stand with it.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated from someone who’s been in the same situation.

Thanks x
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Man, I kinda feel you but I can't say much, I'm afraid.

There's a teacher at my school who is absolutely incredible. She's an amazing person, an amazing teacher and is so compassionate, taking time for everyone. I've never gone to her upset but I know someone who has and she was great. She's the kind of person who you see in the corridor and suddenly your day is better.

It hit me not too long ago that I wouldn't see her again in a few months and I was really upset - I will miss everything about her, just not seeing her on a daily basis will make the whole place darker.

Sorry I can't offer advice, but I have a teacher like that too! She's made me want to be a teacher in a way, but I'm worried I will be like one of the hundreds of bad teachers, not like her, which I would want to be.
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You are not alone! I feel the same way as you. My form tutor is literally like a 2nd father to me after 6 years of being a comforing sole at school who offers me guidance constantly!

To show my appreciation I just give out presents at Christmas or at the end of the year, usually handmade because I like drawing. But honestly, don't feel alone. There's girls at my school who constantly cry when we have the leave these father and mother figures.

Just know that you can always talk to people inside and outside of school. Recently I hit a huge low of anxiety and mild depression but, yes, I feel embarrassed making him concerned over my welfare, much like you I think. So I talked to my actual father and mother and I'm getting help.

Okay, I'm not sure how this helps, but just know, you aren't actually alone okay?
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I'm in the exact same boat.
There's a teacher in my school who has been absolutely incredible and I'm honestly going to miss her soooo much.
I wish I could stay in contact with her outside school but I doubt that's possible.
Literally, not seeing her on a daily basis is just going to make everything seem so dark!
So I can assure you that you're not alone!!

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