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    Everyone has told me how awful teaching is/how hard the PGCE is and I'm having doubts.

    Is lesson planning that bad? What do you have to do?
    How many classes do you get responsibility for/have to teach as a trainee?

    Anything positive anyone can say?

    On placements (we had two), you are responsible for teaching a certain percentage of one class' day (this is in primary). I was given a year two class, for example, and had to start in week one teaching 30%. This then moved up each week by 10%, until the last week of placement when I was teaching 60% of their timetable.

    The planning really depends on your uni, school and mentor. For my first placement the mentor required a literal minute-by-minute explanation of what I would be doing in the lesson, drafts of questions I would ask and an explanation of where I would be standing in the classroom at different points of the lesson. Each lesson plan took about three hours at first, but eventually only took about 40 minutes - an hour.

    For my second placement the mentor only wanted very vague lesson plans - he asked me to come up with key words and phrases related to the lesson and to be prepared/think about possible misconceptions, but that was about it. These took about 20 minutes to do.

    So that really depends on the school.

    Look, it's tough - of course it is. But most unis have strict structures in place designed to help you if they feel you are struggling, a safety net kind of thing. And it really does get easier as time goes on.

    It is tough. But you start gradually and build up. The rewards are lovely though. That feeling when you teach a fab lesson is superb.

    If you can teach, you can do anything!

    Get experience! I can’t stress that enough. Face your fears. Lesson planning was the thing I was terrified off. When I volunteered I did a 15 minute lesson a week for a group of 10. I know run my own tutoring business. lesson planning is easy you just need to find your own way. It takes like 3 hours to plan a 20 minute lesson at first. It now takes me just 5 to do an hour lesson for tutoring. And I’m guessing 20 minutes for a hour lesson in schools by the time you do all the paper work( you maybe different as I live in Scotland). And I’m also dyslexic so you need to take into account it takes me longer to plan anything. Good luck but get experience even if you tutor!
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