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Lacking in the Friends Department watch

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    I'm quite shy irl tbh. Guess doing my A Levels privately after school made me lose my social skills completely. As it happens so, I'm currently in my second year in Uni in London and still managed to find myself with no friends. I have classmates, we talk strictly about stuffs academics related and that too only stays in class, barely chat in SNS other than asking about assignment deadlines. I joined the literature society despite being an engineering student because of English Literature being my passion, and although people there are nicer and more talkative, we still don't make contact outside the hours of society works. Same for flatmates, we talk, but we're not close to the least. I live in London on my own, I have tried going out my way to make conversations with people and find people who shares interests and even made 'friends' for a while at the start of both last year and this year, it doesn't last. They end up not contacting me. This is making me very upset and I'm starting to skip class more and more cause lectures feels really dead. I've asked my coursemate and they're not even that close themselves. What should I do? My mum's been saying all my life, Uni is where you make real friends, but I'm here living my days watching anime and playing video games or else listening to ASRM and trying to sleep in the wrong hours. I don't like clubbing and I am shy but I open up really fast and very expressive once comfortable.

    I’m sorry for you. I’m in a kinda similar situation but in senior school. I find that it’s really hard to pull yourself up once you’re at the bottom of the social hierarchy if that makes sense. I have a few good friends I guess (not best friends though) and often find myself hanging out with the weirdos in my class. It’s tough sometimes and sucks when you see others having bants with their friends. I hope your situation improves. Get out there and join clubs and stuff. Playing games and watching anime is gonna dig a deeper hole for you that’s harder to get out of. Good luck though you can do it
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    I'm in the same boat, I'm a 2nd year at a London uni, but I live at home. Maybe it's especially London university thing? I relate so hard to the only talking about academic stuff and group chats/SNS for coursework/group work only. I thought it would be better as it's second year and people might be more open but nope, not really. I think just keep trying to get involved is all we can do :/ it really sucks when you try hard to go out of your way and nothing comes of it

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