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    I’m suffering from sever anxiety that I need help. I’m unable to portray my true self to others as I’m paranoid about what others might think of me. I can’t talk to a girl one on one as I’m constantly overthinking what to say, how to say it etc. This leads me to being awkward around them. I’m a good looking guy and I sometimes feel my looks has helped me socially as girls try to talk to me but I’m having to turn them down due to fear of them acknowledging my awkwardness due to my anxiety. My anxiety has affected how charismatic people perceive me as. This is beyond just being anxious, id say it’s pretty severe. I’ve learnt to fake it but at the end of the day, I’m still an anxious person. It’s very hard to explain but hopefully people have been in my shoe and can help pls.

    Yeah totally get you 'I’m unable to portray my true self to others as I’m paranoid about what others might think of me' - the story of my life. Im a guy btw and 18 haha but can relate. Haven't done anything atm, I don't know what I can do..

    I'd say try to be laid back have some self-worth lol which I lack. I think once u get that then ur able to believe in urself and dont really care about what other think.

    Totally understand you guys,im at girl & 18 and have never had a boyfriend due to the fact that im insecure about myself and paranoid of what people are saying about it. When a guy likes me i get scared and think hes doing it for a joke. At the moment this guy who i like and he likes me is bugging me and i want to get over him because hes not doing anything.. its hard because hes in all my lessons & on all my social media

    Go and see a young persons counselor. They will have loads of experience of this. And if you hit the right rapport with the counvellor talking it through can really help.
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