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    So recently in my university department, there has been a load of students complaining to lecturers and Student Reps that they are unable to cope with the pressure and workload given by lecturers. Naturally, there should be 5 summative assignments submitted over a 10 week period (or one assignment every 2 weeks or so). It has come to my attention that many students are now willing to take action against the department because they feel this is too much.

    I have always refused to comment on this matter when asked to participate in student forums or surveys as I feel that taking action is very unnecessary. I feel that 5 assignments a term is very fair and that by manipulating lecturers into changing the framework of courses by assuring them their work is too hard is just unacceptable, especially considering how much money I am paying for these courses.

    Some people may say I am slightly harsh to criticise this matter, but I really do feel that people in my course want to do the bare minimum, especially considering the majority of the students complaining are also the ones who are dedicating a large sum of their time to socializing and clubbing at least 3/4 nights a week and will regularly turn up to class unprepared, hungover and apathetic.

    Of course usually, I wouldn't comment on the whole controversy but I just simply refuse to let changes to my degree happen to benefit lazy students, especially after regularly hearing comments in class such as ''I really can't be bothered being here'', or ''Yeah like that's gonna happen''.

    What are people's views on this? Do I sit back and do nothing, or do I speak my mind and assure the department that their teaching is adequate enough to maintain the same teaching framework?

    Millenials really boil your blood sometimes.. gosh


    I'd say that 5 assignments over 10 weeks is reasonable, on my degree we were given 9 assignments over 12 weeks or so in the previous 2nd year semester, and have already got 6 to do this semester (though that's not all of them). A lot of people have been complaining on my course as well, and although I do agree that it's stressful, the reality is that you need to work for your degree, and shouldn't expect it to be easy.

    Although you're in the minority on the matter, but I doubt the lecturers would change the format of the course for your year group, it would probably be some time before any changes could be realistically implemented, especially in terms of assessments.

    That's what I think at least
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