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A Quick Introduction
Greetings! I am Josh and I am a law student at the University of Kent. I'm in my first year of study and my time at university is going great so far (I think).

I'm not on the main LLB programme due to my difficulties at A Level, I am on the Certificate in Law (CiL) programme which allows me to get an extra push from my seminars and it's been an excellent help and has helped me become more confident.

This opening post will explore my past grades and will contain all of my assessment marks and a rough overview of my feedback.

I aim to get a First at the end of this year, which is at least 70 average. I am personally aiming for a 72 average overall.

Kent's Categorical Marking System

Some universities in the United Kingdom will gives marks such as a 47 or a 64. The University of Kent does not do this, instead it uses a categorical marking system to place each student either 'only just' 'safely' or 'highly' into a classification. This prevents 'borderline' results, ie missing out on the next classification by just 1 mark.

These are the marks we can get and what they mean for us:
0, 10, 20, 25, 32, 35, 38 = Fail (no classification)
42, 45, 48 = Third Class (3rd)
52, 55, 58 = Second Class (lower) (2:2)
62, 65, 68 = Second Class (upper) (2:1)
72, 75, 78, 85, 95, 100 = First Class (1st)

My Modules

A Critical Introduction to Law (30 CREDITS) (AUT/SPR)
This module looks at how we, as upcoming lawyers, need to be critical of the law. In this module this year we looked at the Nuremberg Trials, Harvard and Oxford, and Law & Economic Life. The module is 100% coursework consisting of a case commentary and a research project (long essay).

Introduction to Obligations (15 CREDITS) (AUT)
This module looks at the basics of Contract and Tort law. It's a short module and is only done in the autumn term. We looked at how contracts can be formed, how to modify them and how to answer a legal scenario involving contract. We also looked at assault, battery and false imprisonment torts. The module is 100% coursework consisting of a case note and a legal problem question. I have completed this module.

Foundations of Property (15 CREDITS) (SPR)
This module looks at the basics of land law. It takes us down a journey of the topics: village greens, licenses and leases, easements (whch is a nightmare) and trusts. The module is 50% coursework consisting of a small legal essay and 50% exam.

Criminal Law (30 CREDITS) (AUT/SPR)
This module is one of the best in my opinion. Criminal law looks at the fatal offences, non-fatal offences against the person, general defences, property offences, sexual offences and incohate offences. It's such a big module and is beyond interesting. The module consists of 20% coursework consisting of a case note and oral presentation and 80% exam.

Public Law (30 CREDITS) (AUT/SPR)
Public Law is strange to define because it involves so much. It looks at a lot of things such as the royal prerogative, judicial review, ombudsman, rule of law and other concepts. The module consists of 40% coursework consisting of a legal essay and a multiple choice test and 60% exam.

English Legal System and Skills (4 CREDITS) (AUT/SPR)
This module is part of the Kent Qualifying Legal Degree (QLD). The module in my opinion is rather bland and boring and has a lot of reading. It takes you through the sites we need to use when looking at cases and journals, which is quite helpful. The module is 100% coursework consisting of 2 multiple choice tests which are easy. I've already completed this module.

Performing Effectively in Law (4 CREDITS) (AUT/SPR) (CiL Only)
One of the benefits of being a CiL is this module. Two hours a week with my academic advisor going over any module that the group wants to go over. It's basically 2 hours of another module. We learn a lot more about structuring assignments and referencing than the usual LLBs, which puts us at a little advantage. The module is 100% coursework consisting of a portfolio showing our progress throughout the year and a written reflection on things we wish we did different and what we're happy with in terms of our work.

My Current Marks

Critical Introduction to Law
Case Commentary - n/r
Research Project - n/r

Introduction to Obligations
Case Note - 68 - Proofread better, do not use abbreviations (do not, not don't)

Problem Question - 75 - Proofread better, include more analysis of alternative scenarios

Final Mark - 73 (First)

Foundations of Property
Essay - n/r
Exam - n/r

Criminal Law
Case Note - 78 - Deeper analysis of transferred malice would've pushed to an 85.

Presentation - n/r
Exam - n/r

Public Law
Essay - 72 - Deeper analysis of 'Good Government', do not get political on a legal essay even if it is a political topic.

MCT - n/r
Exam - n/r

English Legal System and Skills
MCT 1 - 80 - No feedback

MCT 2 - 85 - No feedback

Final - 83 (First)

Performing Effectively in Law
Portfilio - n/r
Reflection - n/r

That's essentially everything I've got to say at the moment! I plan to do two updates each week. One on Tuesday and another on Saturday will most likely be the case.
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Saturday 3rd March - Sunday 4th March

Saturday and Sunday morning have been very interesting days. On Saturday I aimed to create a google doc for each of my modules for exam revision and set them up so my friends and I can contribute. We like to work together when it comes to revision and this joint google document is going well so far.

My room is a complete mess and I'm going to be setting myself some personal goals at the end of this. Organisation is usually something I excel in and due to the UCU strikes I haven't been as organised or as prepared as what I normally am. I'm gonna go through and re label my folders today with the week numbers - I haven't done this since week 14, it's now week 20. I have a huge stack of notes on my dressing table I need to organise as well - this is going to be done!

The UCU strikes are running from Monday-Thursday this week. I have my PEiL class where I select my modules that I want to do next year - we only get a choice of 1 30 credit module or 2 15 credit modules. I'm hoping to do a politics module, 'Contemporary Politics and Governing the United States'. I've always been interested in American politics so this 30 credit module could be the start of something bigger, I don't know! I also have my FoP seminar where I'm looking at the assessment we've been set - UKC still hasn't put the assessment question up on the CiL moodle, but after another email they should be doing that soon. I have no classes on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday but I do have a job interview on Wednesday - quite nervous but I should be just fine! On Friday I have 2 public law seminars, she wants us to catch up as best we can - then a weekend at home!

It's just past midday right now, and this afternoon I'm aiming to do what I said above on top of something else: I want to do some exercise.

I'll post some pictures on my next update with some progress on my weekly goals down below!

Weekly Goals:
[ ] Organise my folders and ensure everything is up to date
[ ] Clean my room! Pick up all of the clothes and pack them ready to take home for washing.
[ ] Get rid of this awful cold of mine!
[ ] Complete all seminar preparation for seminars affected due to strikes
[X] Complete all seminar preparation for seminar still on
[ ] Start research for my Critical Intro essay
[ ] Finish my oral presentation preparation for Criminal
[ ] Do 30 minutes of exercise each day, including my 2 hour KPop society.

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