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Do I need to make more effort with my colleagues? watch

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    I'm doing a year-long internship with 5 other girls (I'm 27 and the rest are 22-26) I also live with 2 of them and the other 3 also live together in another flat.

    So as you can imagine, we see each other all day ,every day.

    They are nice enough and I always chat with them at work. However, at the weekend I prefer to do other things/spend time alone/see other friends.

    4 of the other girls (with the exception of 1) do activities together every single weekend (after spending all week together at work) and haven't really made any other friends here except each other.

    The thing is that our salary is quite low, and we live in a place with a very high cost of living. I have the impression that the other girls either have a lot of money saved or are receiving a lot of help from their families, as money doesn't seem to really be an issue for them.

    There has started to be a divide of me and the other girl, and then the 4 others. I'm 27 and feel like I'm back in high school. I have been for a drink/invited them to do things before; I'm very happy to socialise with them from time to time, but they've now stopped inviting me to things as I say no a lot.

    Should I be making more effort with them? It's just that I am introverted and seeing the same people all day every day is my idea of hell. The one i'm closest to is the other introverted girl as we are very similar and know when to give each other space.

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    The money issue also comes into place.. They seem to be able to spend £100 per weekend or more as if it's nothing, but there is no way I can afford that. They also go to spend the night in expensive luxury hotels. Our salary as interns is basically minimum wage or slightly lower, and this is why I think they must have some other kind of help. anyway I've tried to suggest doing cheaper stuff but it hasn't really worked. I feel a bit like an outsider but I'd like to have a separate life outside of them and meet other people.
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    No, you're under no obligation to spend your time with these people after work hours.

    You have your interests, they have theirs. Go pursue yours. You may even find them bunching together is a sign of their insecurities. Don't feed into it.
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    Thanks for your opinion! Yeah.. I think one of the reasons is that for most of them it's their first time abroad whereas this is my 6th year. But yeah, I just feel like it's starting to get like school with cliques and that me and the other girl are kind outsiders now.. oh well..
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