evaluate the view that NAMs reflect a growing spirituality in society [20 marks]

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I'm finding it quite difficult to do questions related to Beliefs in society. I have learnt hardly anything and we've supposedly finshed 2 booklets already. It's not like I haven't revised them myself, I just don't seem to undertsand them at all when it comes to questions. Especially the 20 markers.

Anyways this is whatI have wrote so far, so if soebody could guide me in the right direction it would be brilliant.

NAMs (New Age Movements) are an alternative form of NRMs (New Religious movements), with a focus on such diverse concerns as inner spirituality. Their beliefs and practices are so diverse that some have argued that it is difficult to think of them in terms of a movement. They are like cults – many are simply consumer-orientated e.g. selling products such as herbal medicines.

NAMs are a growing spirituality in society in terms of interests or therapies that offer a spiritual element, which allows them to emphasise their own choices rather than following instructions from authorities (subjectivation). An example of this includes the Kendal project where Heelas and Woodhead conducted a detailed study of religious beliefs in Kendal. They found that more people were taking part in spiritually-inclined New Age activities than were attending Anglican churches. However, they lack the organisation of traditional values (Item) and are moving away from traditional religions where there is little choice about what to believe or how to worship.

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