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    After a 1 month, my ex girlfriend (17) dumped me (19) over text. 3 weeks later I found out that she has cheated on me and started a relationship with one guy from her school (17). I called her and told her that I know, in calm voice. This happened 5 months ago.

    We were supposed to go to the gym together but that nasty thing happened. Eventually I started going to the gym and met her there a few times. I didn't talk to her. We both noticed each other. A few weeks after that she has changed gyms.

    There was absolutely no contact between us for these 5 months except that one call. We still follow each other on instagram. Why didn't I unfollow her? Well, if I had a proof of her actions early, I probably would at least unfollow her, maybe even block. Now it just doesn't matter that much.

    Today I posted a picture with my new puppy and a few minutes after that she liked that picture. Note: after the breakup I didn't like her pictures, neither did she like mine. I know that she likes dogs a lot, but we kinda are not in a really nice relations (there was no fighting though).

    It was a picture of me holding my puppy. Not just a plain picture of my puppy.

    Could this be a call for attention? I guess I should just ignore it?

    PS. Her actions did really hurt me in the past. I was both hurt and disappointed for a few months.

    Haha, I love the gym she recommended, I dropped 15 Kg (33 pounds) since the breakup. At least I got something positive from that, I now live a pretty healthy life and I'm getting fitter every day.

    tl;dr: Ex liked my picture after a longer time on instagram. What could it be? A call for attention?
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    If I were you, I would ignore it and move on. She's probably regretted cheating on you and liked that photo to show that regret. I would just move on and not make a big fuss out of it.

    dont fall into the same well twice, just an advice from someone who had a similar experience to you.

    keep in mind that the feeling is in just in your head, it’s your decision to stop or pursue it even more. it’s not that I tell you not to forgive her for what she did. i know, people make mistakes. but what she did, is not a MISTAKE, it’s her DECISION to cheat on you.

    cheating is a trait, bro.

    one more thing, the more frequent you still got ‘exposed’ to her the harder for you to move on. so what i chose to do, was to ‘clean up’ everything about her (threw away her stuffs, blocked, unfollowed and so on).

    NB: apparently, my ex has been cheated on 2 other guys during our 5 months no-contact time and she still tried to MEET/CALL me, not just liking my posts.

    now i’ve found someone new who really deserved my love in the first place.
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    move on find another girl

    NEVER go back to exes
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    It could mean a few things. I've done it before to people I've dumped or been dumped by.
    Normally for me it was just to kind of show that I was chill with them and there are no hard feelings and I can still support them as a friend. Especially if it's a particularly cool picture, you don't want to look bitter. So yeah most of the time just a nice gesture.
    Occasionally when I've done it to people who have dumped me, I know they'll notice my like and it is kind of to remind them that I exist. It's still normally mostly a nice gesture, but really I don't need to like the picture, it's just you don't want to feel forgotten. Sometimes you might hope that this little interaction shows you don't hate them for what they did, so you hope maybe they'll open back up to you when they realise there's no hard feelings.
    So I think most likely she does care about you two being in a good place. She probably doesn't want you feeling hurt and like she's just ignoring you, so she wants to be nice and show a little love. To show you that she still thinks you're a good guy.
    It may be a call for attention. Maybe she's single again and misses you. But even if it is, if she really wanted to she could reach out. It's her that should be her messaging first if she wants to open up that dialogue again. I don't think you should react to it. Don't message her, have a little self respect. Don't want her thinking her instagram like is what you've been waiting months for and it's suddenly made your day.
    I don't think she's worth your time if she cheated on you. You deserve to be treated better. And it's really dangerous to start feeling hopeful that it may mean something. I do understand what it's like though.
    Also it could just mean she's a sucker for dogs and she liked it for the cute puppy. Especially if it's new. It'd be hard for an ex not to like a picture like that.
    I don't think you should continue reading into it too much. Trust me I've been there.

    See it as a who cares, doesn't mean anything unless she says "I want you back."

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    She might have done it by mistake, I'm often scrolling through Instagram and it likes stuff by mistake and I usually just leave it liked
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    Thank you guys for your answers.
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