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    I live in a shared house with 3 other people of which I am the only student. Even though I pay £450 a month and that was advertised as being inclusive of all bills, broadband was not included in that and so I took the initiative and set up a BT contract for £30 per month. Only 3 of us use the wifi (The other says she doesn't and I don't know how to prove otherwise). So that's £10 per month each.

    I am in a major financial crisis and don't have a penny of income until my next loan installment in April. The other 2 have given me the £10 each but one gave it to me over a week after the bill date as I was away for the week. I simply do not have £10 available and if I did I would need to buy food as I only have plain spaghetti left in my cupboard. The bill has gone unpaid and I can't even contact BT as I can't afford phone credit. The broadband was cut off about an hour ago and I somehow need to come up with £20 to as they have a late payment fee...and to make matters worse the next bill is due in 10 days. I am the least suitable person to hold the account responsibility but was the first to move in and so that is why the account is under me.

    Do you think it would be possible to contact BT and tell them that I can pay the full debt on the 15th of April when I get my loan? Would they accept that?

    contact your university - they often have some crisis solutions avaliable for students when problems like this happen.

    But in the mean time, phone up your friends and family and borrow £100 to keep you going. £20 to pay the wifi, and 80 to keep you alive and eating for the next month and a half.

    Swallow what ever pride you have and ask anyone who you know to help. They will. Its not an obsccene amount of money, and it doesn't all need to come from 1 person. But I bet amoung all your parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins etc. you can scrape together a hundred quid to keep you going.

    Then pay them back in april, straight away.

    Can't you ask your friends to pay a couple of months in advance? Most people could find £20-30 if they need to. And then just pay the whole sum for the next 2-3 months by yourself when your loan comes in.

    Also your friend who 'doesn't use the wifi' is screwing with you and you should all put some pressure on her to contribute, wifi is a normal cost of a flat.
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    (Original post by Forestieri)
    I am in a major financial crisis and don't have a penny of income until my next loan installment in April.
    Student account overdraft?
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