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Politics is RIDICULOUS! Agree/disagree? watch

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    I used to be so engaged with UK politics but now it doesn’t interest me at all... The fundamental issues in society will never be removed with this current ridiculous system.

    Party politics is a DISGRACE! Watching PMQs is cringe beyond belief (as is programmes like QT) - all these elites sat in a big room arguing over each other back and forth... I mean what is the point of it??? Sitting in the commons for an hour having childish petty arguments, defending their respective parties, doesn’t make change for the country!

    If these MPs really wanted change for the country they’d put an end to this petty tribal politics and collaboratively work with each other for the country... they’re in it for a job and a closer connection to big business so they can rake home big chunks of company profits... If we’re going to face national issues like poverty, inequality, home ownership, and international issues like climate change and migration - surely political parties need to be scrapped and people with different views need to work together to bring the necessary change??

    We need independent candidates for each constituency to devolve more power to local communities, and we need to scrap the monarchy and have an independently elected president and an elected cabinet for each role. Never gonna happen, but that’s my view.
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    Politics is ridiculous. That's what makes it so great.

    Party politics isn't great, honestly. It's the hand we've been given for sticking with a first past the post system for so long. However, parties make it much easier for people who are less invested to get to grips with a candidate much more easily.

    The elites in the Commons are fading away slowly. More and more politicians from working and middle class backgrounds are coming into the mix than ever before. Can't say the same for the house of Lords, though.

    The arguments are a necessary part of a healthy democracy. If we debate a topic to death, we're much more likely to have a better understanding of it's potential effects. It is much more important to kill bad bills than it is to keep passing poorly negotiated, misunderstood ones.

    You like change too much. Heavily ideologically motivated party politics can actually be great at stopping terrible legislation falling through the cracks. A lot of the time, it is better to do nothing and hope things improve themselves rather than do something and prolong a problem, or even create new ones.

    There is nothing to stop you from running as an independent. However, it is up to the people to decide who they vote for, whether they are part of s party or not, so to force independence upon everyone is. pretty unfair. We don't need to scrap the monarchy - there's literally no benefit in doing this - it barely costs us anything in taxes and brings in a lot of tourist money.

    P. S - why do you think positive change is only possible through the government? Why not private charity or local business ventures? If you want change locally, you start right now without the government.
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    (Original post by iBMRjS)
    Sitting in the commons for an hour having childish petty arguments, defending their respective parties, doesn’t make change for the country!
    I agree with you about PMQs. But these debates do change things. Did you not notice that small vote we had the other year that is going to change just about every aspect of the way our country works over the next few years? And things do change. Our Tory government has decided to cut things to the bone so we now have a creaking health service, councils on the brink of bankruptcy but a largely untouched elite that are paying less tax now than they were a few years ago.
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