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Help!!, i'm addicted with procrastination. watch

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    every single day i wake up, i say to myself that i would plan a study plan consisting of a list of things that i should accomplish but i tend to slip through distractions like going through my phone to social media or go to YouTube and i waste hours and hours of time watching YouTube videos until the end of the day where i get tired and go to sleep telling myself that i'll start studying tomorrow.
    please help me on what to do to tackle this problem.

    omggg glad im not the only one. Im improving tho. Think of the time you left. 2 months

    Don't go on your phone. It's fairly straightforward.
    Plan out work, but make it chunks. Don't expect to do lots in one day.
    Don't feel disheartened by a lack of work. Feeling upset just puts off more work.

    Go on your phone for an hour after studying ends, like at 8-ish.
    When you takes breaks, don't go on your phone! Breaks can be you eating, doing chores, talking to family etc.
    Also, don't spend too much time on here, asking people what to do :P

    I think its pretty normal for teenagers 😂😁
    But I find it helpful to start work early ( like ASAP after getting it) and working at it in small chucks! So I do an hour or two at a time instead of working for 6 hours straight! Then after you can watch YouTube or whatever!! Good luck 😬
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    The night before, lock your phone away or make it somehow inaccessible. Remove the distraction before you even wake up, so that you aren't tempted to reach for it.

    Then do some work. It's little more than a bit of self motivation. Alternatively imagine what will happen if you do this for the rest of your life. You won't amount to anything. Do you really want to spend the next 50 years of your life doing what you do now? Odds are you don't.

    I've suffered this problem throughout my entire education. I got *****y A levels but managed to get a 2:1 degree, am now doing a masters and I still get so easily distracted.

    Tips I have found useful when I really really need to study:

    - Turn your phone off and put it somewhere you can't easily access it, or give it to someone else until you're done.
    - Install 'Cold Turkey', it's a free application for your laptop which blocks access to distracting websites. You can set a timer so you are unblocked once your deadline has passed. The only way to get past the block is to uninstall the application.

    Good luck 👍

    Use the forest app. It's been a life saver
    It stops you from using your phone

    You actually help to build trees, which is great for the environment (obvs). But if you go off the app to go on another like instagram then your tree dies
    A bit weird but it helped me since I just never used to be able to put my phone down. Now for most of the time, I can leave my phone without having the app on
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Updated: March 4, 2018
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