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    So yeah, that's my question. Is Aerospace enjoyable? Do you get the opportunity to design spacecraft? Also, are Maths, Physics, and Design & Tech good A-Level choices to study Aerospace?

    Thanks in advance!

    No aerospace engineering (and any other engineering for that matter) is extremely boring. No you won’t be “designing” aeroplanes let alone spacecraft for your jobs. I went into aerospace engineering thinking “wow I can’t wait to write code for control systems for aircrafts”, problem is someone has already done it and it works. Doing new things in engineering especially on the scale like rockets and planes requires extreme certifications that it’s very hard to create something new, the best you can get is slightly modifying something that already exist. And let’s just talk about what you learn in uni, it varies from uni to uni but from my experience and people I’ve spoken to, every one finds it boring, there are modules you take and you 100% know that this **** is absolutely F.C. king pointless and waste of my time. You might think well space X is doing amazing stuff and “designing” and “creating” new things. Well that’s true, but even them they’re going to stop “designing” new versions of the falcon heavy after the next update. Also bear in mind UK doesn’t even have that many aerospace jobs so it’s going to be very hard to actually get a job .And to be “designing” new stuff you have to be top of the field with PhD etc. Lastly the pay is crap, space X employees who I’d say are the best of the best get around 80k a year. A fresh grad from a computer science bg could be making 150k working in FANG (Facebook, amazon , Netflix, google). Anyone that thinks engineering is a good and enjoyable degree is one of these:
    1. Haven’t actually studied engineering and have no idea what they’re talking about
    2. Studied engineering, knows it’s boring but trying to convince themselves otherwise

    Search this YouTube channel called Engineered Truth where the guy interviews real engineers about their jobs
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    I have a couple modules in my fourth year that are related to spacecraft. That's out of about 30 modules throughout my degree.

    To actually study I wouldn't say its extremely boring, although I've no idea about a career in the industry as I'm still an undergraduate. Tbf it's not riveting, and I've heard elsewhere similar things to what bigboateng said about working in the industry, though I do think that's a bit pessimistic lol I can't imagine it's that bad

    Also maths and physics are pretty essential. Further maths is very useful. DT might get touched on with some workshop sessions but you'll still have to listen to a guy talk about a lathe or milling machine before you can use it. Engineering drawings will also be taught but I suppose DT could help
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