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    Hi there...

    Welcome to my first post on TSR and my first ever GYG blog! (if anyone is even reading this. It seems highly unlikely). Okay, so introductions: I'm 17 (I can drive now - scary!), I'm currently in year 12 studying for my A-levels, the subjects I take are Biology, English Lit and Lang (combined) and Product Design. People often say that is a weird combination, but I have no ideas for a future career or even what I want to study at uni (although I am leaning towards English right now) so I just picked what I enjoy. I'm also a complete TSR newbie, I'm not really sure what I'm doing or if I'm doing it right, so just keep me right and don't be too harsh on me. Oh, and I also realise that I'm pretty late to the GYG party, but there is still a long way to go until the end of year 12 so I'm hoping this will still be interesting.

    Outside of school, I enjoy watching movies, reading, and I'm also a stationary addict.

    I'm sure you're curious as to what I achieved at GCSE:
    English Literature: 7
    English Language: 6
    Maths: 7
    Religious Studies: A*
    Science: B
    D & T Graphics: A
    Physical Education: B
    Additional Science: A
    French: B

    I know this isn't 9A*s or anything, and I actually didn't reach any of my target grades bar two, but I was really proud of what I achieved. (Yes I was part of the mixed-up year that ended up with both letter and number grades. Yay.)

    My "target grades" for A-levels are all Bs. My current grades are as follows: Biology, B, Product Design, C, English Lit + Lang, D.

    So, where am I at right now? Well, I would say I am doing fairly well with A-levels so far, but I could be doing better (as you can see from my current grades). I often have the thought hanging over my head that I could be doing better, which isn't great. And I want to do better - to get better grades, to have better concentration and study motivation, to be more in control of my mental health. And that is the goal by the end of year 12, I guess. But somewhere along the line things have not gone as planned and I'm not achieving my full potential, so this is your invitation to join me in this 'quest for success' and this journey of making changes in my life to improve myself. On this blog I will be documenting revision and how I like to revise, how I'm feeling towards A-levels, test results (even if they are bad ), and general year 12 life.

    In terms of tangible goals, in my end of year PPEs I would like to achieve Bs or above across the board. I don't do AS levels, by the way. I'm not sure if this change is consistent with every sixth form college in the country, but my college doesn't do them anymore, so my target to aim for is the end of year exams.

    I could say I will aim to update this blog daily, but it is questionable whether this will happen or not. I'd probably expect 3-4 posts a week from me if I were you. Maybe less if I'm busy (and by busy I mean lazy ).

    Here's to the start of something great!

    - Katy

    Also, I've seen people use moving emojis in other posts, can someone please inform me how to harness this sorcery. (Update: OHMIGOSH I FOUND IT :bl: )

    Good luck with your AS exams, and its good that you picked what you enjoy, loads of people that came to sixth form this year just decided to pick the subjects that will help them make the most money at the end instead of what they enjoy...

    Anyways, good luck! :banana:
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    (Original post by Bradley00)
    Good luck with your AS exams, and its good that you picked what you enjoy, loads of people that came to sixth form this year just decided to pick the subjects that will help them make the most money at the end instead of what they enjoy...

    Anyways, good luck! :banana:
    Thank you! Yeah, I probably wouldn't survive sixth form if I wasn't doing what I liked
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    IMPORTANT DATES: Unit 1 Biology exam - Thursday 8th and Friday 9th March

    Well, this has been an unproductive Sunday. I have been feeling exhausted this weekend, but I know why. I’m involved in my school’s production of Grease (I’m in the ensemble) and this week has been PERFORMANCE WEEK, and there have been non-stop technical rehearsals and dress rehearsals, and we performed the opening night on Wednesday which went amazingly! I had such a fun time on stage! I was really nervous to perform it as I have never done anything like it before, but I ended up just having the best time ever and it has given me the confidence to try other new things! Unfortunately, due to the bad weather (we nearly ended up being snowed into school on Wednesday night!), the shows on Thursday and Friday were cancelled and rescheduled for Monday and Tuesday. I’m so excited to perform it again!

    Anyway, I should have been revising Biology topic 1 and 2 today as I have a Unit 1 exam in class on Thursday and Friday next week, but I have just been relaxing and doing chores that I have slacked on in the week.

    On Friday night I filed like a mad woman, and now my binders back in some kind of order, which is good as they were kind of messy before. It also helped me figure out where there are gaps in my notes.


    Spent my free today revising for the biology test on Thursday. I started a mindmap on the membrane. In the afternoon I had a dress rehearsal for Grease. I didn’t get anymore studying done as I had a Grease performance after school and only got home at 21.45 (at which point I CRASHED into bed and fell asleep - don’t judge me, performing is tiring okay?). I have one free tomorrow and another performance of Grease after school, so again I probably won’t be revising as much as I would like, but I still have a free on Wednesday, Wednesday evening, and a double free on Thursday morning before the test so I should be okay.


    My final performance of Grease went fantastically tonight! I’m so sad I won’t be performing it anymore though. Received an extract question back from my English teacher today on the theme of marriage in The Color Purple. I got 12/20, which isn’t as good as I wanted it to be, but I guess I’m still happy with it. He set us another extract question today, so I worked on that in my free. Hoping to improve my score with this one. The feedback he gave me was really helpful, so I’m hoping it will.
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    Stress has started to creep in about my biology test tomorrow. I wish I could have revised more, but I have been so busy with Grease and trying to catch up on missed work from rehearsals I haven’t had much time to try and squeeze it in. If I come out with a bad grade I will just have to accept it and move on. The main reason I am worried about it is that it may ‘help’ my teacher’s judgement of my predicted grade, so I don’t want to do badly.


    Biology test done! The first part that I completed on Thursday went okay, it felt a little shaky but I did alright. The second part today actually went quite well, I felt that I answered the questions really well. However, on both papers, I missed the questions on the last page simply because I ran out of time. I really struggle with the time restraints of the papers. I will have to start timing myself doing practice questions to try and hone that skill.

    After struggling with a lack of motivation at the beginning of the year, I’ve had to come up with new strategies to avoid distraction during studying. The main one that has really allowed me to start studying for much longer periods of time is a rotation technique. It’s pretty simple. It’s basically where I sit down with three tasks I need to get done and everyone time I start to get a little distracted I rotate to the next task, and so on and so forth. Every time I finish a task I add another one to the rotation. It has really helped me become more productive.

    Anyway, in news outside of school, I’m going to see Matilda the Musical on the first leg of its UK tour tonight, and I am extremely excited. We have had the tickets booked for about a year now (Mum bought them as part of my birthday present this year) so this night has been long anticipated! I’M SO EXCITED!


    Matilda was amazing! Seriously so fantastic! I enjoyed it so much I want to go back and see it again. I really enjoy going to the theatre, it is a really nice way to relax and unwind (especially after a particularly busy week at school!)

    Anyway, I’m currently typing away trying to complete an English assignment (the extract question I mentioned before) and enjoying a very nutritious snack (haha NOT) of magic stars to keep me going.
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