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    Hey guys,
    My name is Bradley and I'm currently in my AS Year of my A level course. I created this post as a personal motivation tool and achievement tracker. Also, I am very happy to answer any questions based around my revision life, subjects, university choices, or even to give advice on a topic of your choice. So please, feel free to ask me anything!

    What I am studying and what I hope to study in the future

    Currently, I am studying Maths, Further Maths and Psychology with the hopes to achieve somewhere between AAB-A*A*A at the end of the course. My dream is to study Pure Mathematics or Mathematics with Statistical Finance at a top university, Oxford and Imperial to name a few.

    What I will be hoping to post

    I will hopefully be posting a daily log of what revision I have done throughout the day, and what lessons I had that day. I will also post about the music I used to revise to, what tools I used to revise and how I think the revision went personally. When I complete exam papers, I will also include the scores purely to see how I am improving, and for those who are curious.

    I should be updating this daily, but if I miss a day I will make note of what I did each day to be able to update you the next time I post. The reasons behind me not posting will be either Exams, or personal reasons.

    Good Luck to everyone who is studying and reads through to the end!
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    In the words of Ice Cube - 'Today was a good day'

    First lesson of the day, Maths. Since I had finished all of the content before everyone else, I decided to revise for the exam I had after school, which coincidentally was also Maths. I looked at my previous exam papers to see what topics I needed to revise, and printed off the relevant packs from Physics and mahs tutor. During this lesson, I was also listening to music, specifically Acoustic because it helped me to keep a calm state of mind while practicing questions.

    Second lesson, Psychology. Thankfully we have finally finished memory, and with 3-4 weeks left we can just do exam practice and create revision materials. Unfortunately this wasnt my most productive lesson, as I probably spent a good 20 minutes procrastinating on the best way for me to make notes for the memory topic, and before I knew it, it was the end of the lesson...

    Once my second lesson finished, I was told that my new book had just arrived, so I ran home to grab it. The book is 'Letters to a young mathematician' by Ian Stewart. So many good reviews online I just had to grab a copy, and can I say I am extremely pleased with it so far.

    Final lesson, Further Maths. We managed to finish Conic Sections 1 and it was such an interesting topic, probably one of my favourites overall so far. Since we finished it only halfway into the lesson, the teacher allowed us some revision time for the after school exam, which I decided to read my book instead because last minute revision doesn't help me at all since it just makes me forget a lot of things.

    Here we go, exam time. Sat at my desk, 2 hour paper, 100 marks, looks like a dream come true, and as soon as I opened up that exam paper, I knew what was coming. It was a very good test, with a mixture of easy questions to build your confidence, and some other questions that make you want to rethink life. One in particular had me going around in circles for at least 10-15 minutes, and funnily enough, it actually was a circle question... Yes I know, what a great pun(!) After I had finished the exam, I knew how much I messed up the circle question and vector questions, so looks like the next time I revise maths will revolve around these two topics.

    Now its time to go read my book for a couple hours since I have completed my daily tasks. And that's me signing out! :ciao:
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    So... Let's talk about today then shall we....

    The day starts off with a study period, which called for some psychology revision due to my psychology test being after school tomorrow, which I am pretty sure I am going to fail, but miracles have happened before. I think I need a psychology tutor in my life. I also had a psychology lesson today which we will come onto later. So, while revising for my psychology exam, making flash cards, I put on some anime in the background, specifically Code Geass, oh and I finished Akame Ga Kill aswell, so that was an emotional time for me... Once this study period finished, I went to form and read my book once again, finishing the second chapter and getting halfway through the third.

    So, next lesson comes around, and I had another study period, but ever since January I volunteered a portion of my time to help the current Year 11's with their GCSE Maths. We went through all of the transformations for shapes and it was a very successful lesson. No matter what, I think this set of Year 11's will do incredibly well, I have faith in them as they are very independent and focused.

    Here we go, last lesson of the day... the dreaded psychology and something happened during this lesson that has never happened before in ANY lesson I've ever had since year 7... The teacher was that boring that I basically fell asleep. All she did was make us copy stuff out and I had done it prior to the lesson so I had nothing else to do, so she was just standing at the front of the class just reading from the book, and what do you know, 5 minutes later I almost fall off my seat as I almost drift off to sleep.

    Well, that was an eventful school day, now onto after school. I had Year 11 intervention where we went over vectors and trigonometry, which are two of my favourite topics, with Circles being my all time favourite. After the intervention, I went and did some video editing for the school and then one of the maths teachers asked if I could help him enter a gap analysis, so I said yes since it was a quick 10 minute job.

    Well... that sums up my day, no music today unfortunately, except a bit of Dexys Midnight Runners, Rick Astley and Cage the Elephant while walking to school.
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    Well... Today was very eventful...

    So, lets start off with my psychology lesson, once again, headphones in, listening to my music. This time I decided to listen to a mixture of House, EDM, Rock and Rap, such a good mixture. Finished off all the content for psychology now so I can just revise, make flash cards and do loads of exam questions. If it wasnt for my headphones, I would have fell asleep, so Beartooth and Marshmello saved me on that front.

    Second lesson, unfortunately our teacher was taken away from us from Further Maths today, due to Year 11 Deep Learning Day, but nevertheless we got the content done and it was so easy. We talked about our exams for a little bit, then we finished the whole Inequalities chapter in FP1, such a chilled lesson.

    Last lesson of the day was maths. I was taken out by my further maths teacher as he needed my help with something, so yeah that was great.

    So, the infamous psychology paper 1 exam after school... Well... It went better than I thought, although memory is by far my weakest topic along with attachment so yeah, I did quite well compared to my last exam.
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    First lesson of today, was my first study period. During some of my study periods, I help to teach Year 11's and provide support for when they get stuck on questions during lessons or interventions. Since they had an exam today, they were going through exam papers and exam style questions with me and the teacher. Doing this really makes me understand how important a teacher's role is.

    Second lesson, Maths. Since Year 11 had deep learning for their exam, I had to teach my own classmates today, which the topic was integration. It was a okay lesson, but I wouldnt do it again. While helping out with Year 11's, it really makes me want to become a teacher, but then when I taught my own class, it just demotivated me and I didnt feel like it.

    Last lesson, which is my final study period of the day. I finished off marking some papers for my teacher during his Year 13 lesson. The scores were either really good or really bad, not really many in between, except for the odd couple.

    But yeah, today was okay for me. Hopefully tomorrow goes better than today.


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