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    Hey guys, this is only my second post and i only have 2 and a half months until my first GCSE!!! The science revision is going pretty well as i am using flashcards but I am getting increasingly worried about my French. For the past 2 mock tests i only got a 4 (but we do have a really strict teacher), yet my target grade is a 7. I dont mind getting a 6 as i am not looking to study french later on, but i have french mocks in two weeks and a speaking test next week, but i have no idea how to revise for them or the real GCSEs. Computer Science is also a bit of a problem so some help for revision for that would be helpful, but french is a bit more of a priority as i am doing higher. Anyone got any good tips?

    It's not really a tip for revising but for computer science, avoid trying to memorise and instead try to understand. You aren't being tested on your ability to memorise information; you're being tested on your ability to apply it, so try to study each area in depth and understand what you're actually learning. If it all clicks into place nicely, it'll make learning all the concepts fit together easily instead of feeling like some kind of giant glossary you need to remember
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    Thanks for the advice, I will start that tomorrow as I am currently doing science.

    For French, I would use an app like HelloTalk and make posts in French and get actual french people to check them for you. You can also make some pretty cool friends and learn a tonne of new words. Again, it's much better to learn in context, so try to overcome the fear of using the French you know and talk to some actual speakers of the language
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