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    Hi anyone looking at this, hope you are having a nice day so far. I only got a student room account a couple of days ago and thought of starting a thread where I will be hopefully posting everyday and tell you what I am doing. I only have 2 and a half months before my GCSEs am a bit worried. Below are the subjects I have picked with the predicted grades next to the subject and current grades in brackets:

    Maths 7 (7)
    English lit 9 (7)
    English lang 9 (7)
    Combined Science 7 (6)
    Religious Education 7(8)
    French 7 (4)
    Computer Science 7 (6)
    Geography 8 (8)
    ICT (Test is already done and I got an A, so only coursework)

    A main problem for me is a motivation to revise and actually doing it as i have my phone with youtube and laptop (which i use to revise) with youtube and many other things. I also go to sleep at around 12 or 1 every night as i spend the night on youtube usually and consequently find it hard to revise in the mornings. I also wake up at around 12 or 1 on the weekends and find it very hard to revise whilst being tired from 5 days of school. Moreover, i have intervention pretty much every day after and before school so revision becomes extremely mundane in the evenings. Any tips for these pls?

    Day 1:

    I woke up at 12!! I basically lounged around all day on youtube and tried to watch the man city chelsea game at 4 (but it kept buffering), and i have been on student room and youtube since 6, with flash cards and a science video next to me and only making 5 since then. I just get bored really easily and have no real motivation to study yet. I have french and science homework due tomorrow (which i haven't started) and i will probably finish them at around 10 or 11 (which is another really bad habit of mine). Hopefully your day is better than mine.

    I am the same but in year 10 and I'm really hoping to get better for next year.. my year 10 exams are in a week.

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    Day 2:

    I tried to wake up early today as I had a relatively early night but I just couldn't, the problem is not the waking up, it is the getting out of bed. The day got even better because on the way to school (4 bus stops before the school), the bus broke down so I had to walk the rest of the way. Now time for what I did at school.

    Period 1 - French:

    Well, I revised for the spelling test the teacher gave us and did the listening activity (she does this on 50 new words every lesson which gets lost in my short term memory and she gives us 5 listening questions which we do at home), and that was completely thrown out of the window. The teacher was going on about how little time we have until our mocks so we did our listening mock completely out of the blue. Section A wasn't so bad with a few guesses, but Section B was terrible, not looking good.

    Period 2 - English:

    The delusional teacher was going on about this poetry play we are doing instead of focusing on our mocks or GCSEs so that lesson was pretty much just that.

    Period 3 - Computer Science:

    Was actually a pretty fun lesson as we were learning about binary numbers in more depth and learnt how to do hexadecimal with conversions to denary. Overall, a pretty interesting lesson.

    Periods 4 and 5 - Double Science:

    We used the first half an hour to finish off our physics mock which I hope I did really good in as I tried my best. The rest was used learning about ecosystems, food chains and those sort of topics. Time actually seemed to go by quite fast but I never feel very confident with science because everything we learn in class doesn't come up in the tests so the person with the most personal revision usually gets the best grades.

    Intervention - English:

    It was soo boring. We learnt a couple new things (things that could've been done in lesson instead of a play) and the main plan for the intervention is to analyse an extract and write a PEADLE paragraph on it. Maths and English are what I feel most confident with but the maths grade was just an estimate (I got an 8 in the class test), and our head of english has never given anybody in our class for the last 4 years an 8 or above, so it is a bit biased. I ended up coming up with an excuse to leave the intervention a bit early.

    I came home and relaxed a bit, I had some pizza which I really need to tell my mum to stop making as i do realise I need to lose some weight, but that will be my main goal during the 3 month holiday (and a lot of gaming). Just about to start making the flashcards for biology, and with a lot of luck, I might finish the whole paper. As always, have a nice day!
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