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Should I see a doctor again regarding my acne? watch

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    A doctor about 1 year ago noticed by Acne (seeing the GP about something else) and suggest I should go on Oxytetracycline, which I was happy with. It did start to slow down but overall found it pretty good.

    I then went to see a dermatologist, who suggested Lymecycline instead
    But got home and didn't like the look of the side effects.

    (however, they said I should consider Roaccutane which I really don't want)

    I think there was an issue with there computer system as I kept getting letters about getting discharged (even though I turned up to all my appointments). Everything just dwilinleed, and all I have been doing is the face creams (which are loosing there effectiveness).

    I'm nearly 21 and STILL have acne! It's just getting so embarrassing now, just red marks and all my friends don't have any and are passed this stage since their teenage years.

    Do you think to book a GP's appointment will get things back on track!
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    It sounds like the dermatology clinic discharged you as they'd offered the treatment but you declined it, so nothing else to do.

    If you are willing to try roaccutate now then yes, get referred again via your GP. Although now that you've had some time out of treatment they might want to try the lymecycline again first, be warned.

    Not everyone gets the side effects of drugs btw. They have to be put on the box because you might get them, but in most instances most people will not get any side effects at all. How were you with oxytetracycline for instance? Get lots of side effects? Because its a very similar drug to lymecycline with similar side effect profile. And if you get side effects from something you can always stop taking it.
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