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    Currently in a school in greater Manchester and the political climate in our school is generally this "get em out" and "benefit scroungers" mentality. I normally leave these people alone yet they are surprisingly vocal despite their lack of knowledge so I thought to speak to some of them.when I spoke to them they either ignored and reverted to their statement or regurgitated some nonsense when they've glanced at the daily mail about how Corbyn loves the IRA and ISIS. You get what I mean.
    So how's the political climate in your school ? I hear a lot about this new generation of leftists, however I question its stretch to us 11-16 year olds with the amount of casual racism and establishment propaganda spewed around the place.
    Finally too, how do we stop such a climate from existing ? I feel overthrowing the bourgeoisie is a stretch for any teenager.
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    More or less the same when I was at school- then again living in a thoroughly blue country populated with the middle/upper classes tends to rub off on the schools.

    As for a revolution of the teenagers - by all means go for it, it could be rather fun to watch!

    My school is a pretty right wing one. We do have a communist among our ranks though, which makes for interesting debate.

    Where the hell did you lot go to school! All I remember was our head of 6th form effectively telling us to vote remain.

    Harrow School- Tory and liberal rehhhh!!!!!! With extremist right and a few extreme left.

    ****ing left wingers everywhere... all the teachers too
    can't get a word out, have to keep my mouth shut or face the consequences
    I go to a very diverse, london school
    once in class I got into a debate about how the burqa is inherently oppressive, and it was literally me against the entire ****ing class. Needless to say, I won that argument. but overall it is very difficult to speak out in a climate like that. I'm not even right wing, I would just describe my self as centre.
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    I suspect most people in my year (year 12) would lean left though I do know a fair few that are more right wing. Given how disinterested most people I know are about politics, it certainly becomes slightly awkward when I bring up my take on current affairs
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