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How often do you come away from social media feeling worse? watch


    To be honest, it depends on how you use the social media and what kind of person you are in general. For example, I offten see people online (especially on
    instagram) who think that it's incredibly important to gain a large following. I see people deliberately not following back or unfolllowing people to allow themselves to
    gain that followers to following ratio right.
    Social media has become a competition for most people. It's a way for them to show off their "perfect" lives. the truth is, this idea of perfect is completely ridiculous.
    You can't pretend as though nothing ever goes wrong in your life.
    However, social media can be quite entertaining. As long as your main focus is not popularity or getting attention then it's not too bad. I don't use it too much myself; I only have instagram and snapchat. I use social media as a way to stay connected with my friends and view pages that I enjoy. If you use social media in this way, you can maintain a healthy usage of it.
    Although, I can't argue that I haven't ever been online and haven't felt bad about my own appearance.
    I think in the end, it all comes down to preferrence.

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    I've never really been into social media. I've never been active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. I realised early on that I wasn't interested in other people's social trivia. I'm also a low-key person in real life, so the idea of putting my life story online just doesn't appeal to me.

    Nowadays, my social media usage doesn't extend beyond a few forums, and even then, I tend to dip in and out. I like the fact that my social media use is minimal. I don't feel the fear of missing out, nor do I feel compelled to generate new content all the time.

    I think if I were more active across social media, I'd be worse off. The cumulative information overload that arises from trying to juggle several social platforms would be overwhelming enough.

    I believe that my strict limiting of social media is the reason why I don't really experience the negative feelings commonly associated with it. I don't come away from social media feeling more anxious, overwhelmed, envious, stressed, worthless etc, because my online presence is limited and my investment is minimal.

    But I want to know about your experience with social media. Be honest with yourself: how often do you come away from social media feeling worse than you did before you logged in?

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    I had to avoid social media during my suicide video controversy. It was hard, but it gives a valuable amount of time to improve yourself and it isn't worser.
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    Sorry! My fanbase have made me forget how to speak proper english.
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