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Is there an indoor skating rink in Leeds?

The title pretty much asks the question, but I know there is an outdoor seasonal rink which is called Ice Cube, but didn't know if there was an indoor permanent one?

As far as I know, there isn't.
However, I do remember going to one in Bradford somewhere near the photography museum when I was younger.
Sorry for not being much help!
The Great Hall at University of Leeds
University of Leeds
No there's not, although I think there's one at XScape.
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Ooh, okay thanks!
there's a roller disco night every wednesday!
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Haha, thanks EssexDan! :P I looked at Xscape and there isn't one, oh well!
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This is your only option if you want to emulate the stars of Dancing on Ice.

From Leeds City Station, get the train to Bradford Forster Square station (not the interchange, it's a more pleasant journey this way). It won;t cost much to do so, even if you don't have a YP pass.

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Yep Bradford is the only indoor skating rink in Yorkshire.. take it from a yorkshire lass here :P it's not actually that bad, pretty cheap aswell. The Ice Cube only runs in the new year period.. been happening annually for a few years now.
Xscape on the other hand has all other snow type sports you could fancy.. paticularly enjoyed the toboganning but it will cost more to get there from leeds.. castleford is further out than bradford.
I never had to go to Bradford in my 3 years at uni in leeds... unfortunately I had to go there on business a couple of weeks ago :frown:
Go to bradford, only £3 or something and theyve got ice attendents to help if you fall over :wink:
There isn't but every Year theres a Large Outdoor One in Millennium Square!!!