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    Taking inspiration from an old thread, I thought I’d ask you all your favourite placements! And it’s a chance for you all to brag about how much work experience you’ve done :-D

    So I’d like to know:
    Where was it and what type was it?
    Was it hard physical/mental work?
    Were the people nice?
    What did you learn (good PS practice :-P)?
    And finally what was your favourite part?


    Mine is definitely my first lambing placement. It was only two days but it was my first experience with sheep (and lambing) and it was brilliant. It was in a little village where I’d been before for a beef placement, so I knew how to get the buses and everything. I didn’t know the people before- I just went and knocked on their door- but they were absolutely lovely and really welcoming, they even fed me lunch and snacks for the two days (plus loads of tea). It was really hard work, lots of shifting hay bales and moving hurdles around- not to mention chasing after escapee sheep- but it was really enjoyable. My favourite part was definitely pulling my first lamb- there’s certainly something special about that!
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    Ahhhh, this is a very tricky question but I think I'll have to say my third lambing placement (which was also my fifth. And my eighth. And I've been back for AI-ing. And shearing. I like it there a bit )

    The farmer was a vet so he got me involved in a load of vetty things, which was great since I'd already got an idea of basic sheep husbandry from previous placements. He got me doing all sorts such as faecal egg counts. The highlight for me was that he let me do my first ever surgery at age 18 (there's my subtle boast for you I vasectomised a sheep (under extremely close supervision, as you can imagine )

    More than that though, and what made me love it the most was how welcoming they were. While I slept in a caravan (the most palatial caravan I've ever seen, to be fair ) rather than the house, as I'd done at my other lambing placements, they fed me and we had a movie night every evening (I have been introduced to some classics that way ). I arrived a staunch hater of tea and left as a tea addict. I was taught a lot of Welsh (not all of it polite towards English people). This was also the placement with the highest days worked:trips to the pub ratio, which helped significantly despite how bad drunk Tails is at pub quizzes A couple of years ago when I went back for shearing, they took me out of the day with their kids which was so lovely :cry2: We went on a boat trip and had the biggest ice creams that I've ever seen in my life, and they paid for me despite my objections. Not bad for a placement I only got at first because another placement I had booked in 2015 fell through on me, and this one was advertised on Facebook.

    EDIT: I somehow forgot the best part :lol: Last year they hired out a hot tub for the duration of lambing, so we got to chill after a day's work One day we had a fancy dress competition (I only came second with my version of Jesus :grumble: . Harold Shipman was the winner, if you were wondering. Controversy was the theme. Harambe and his zookeeper were other another notable presence.) Basically, my lambing placements>>>>>>>>>> everyone else's. Sorry not sorry. I'm lowkey heartbroken that I won't be lambing this year due to lack of time, but I am going back for a couple of days just for fancy dress party 2.0

    A close behind this was the exotics vet I went to for two years. It was a single vet practice and I got on really well with both him and the nurse and receptionist. Everyone was so chatty and lovely I saw so many interesting cases there and the vet wouldn't let me get away with propping up the wall or acting as a decoration, he asked me almost as many questions as I asked him! In quiet spots we would just chat about random topics, vetty related or otherwise. Despite having my own 'exotic' pets at the time, going there definitely cemented my interest in exotic animal practice, an interest I still keep to this day (last week I submitted an application to do EMS at London Zoo... wish me luck!). The vet was genuinely fantastic at what he did, both from the animals' point of view and the clients' (sometimes difficult to balance both), and he also allowed me 'perks' (if you can call it that lmao) such as being in the room when my pet rats were euthanised (normally the public aren't allowed back due to the inhalational agents used to sedate them).
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