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    I am 18. At 16 I left school with no qualifications, I have mostly U grades in GCSEs other than an E, D and F, I do have entry level 3 functional skills English and maths and now doing level 1 but I'm worried about my future still, I want to work with animals and it's competitive so I want a good level of education and just to prove myself and everyone wrong and that I can do it, I do have severe anxiety, depression and low iron which caused me to fail but I haven't given up, I just constantly worry that I will end up in a horrible job of crappy paid one with no chance of getting anywhere. My other jobs that I wouldn't mind doing are office work, receptionist in a vets, painting or photography.**

    I really want to be able to drive and afford a car soon and I know I'm going to have a hard time finding a decent paid job without a decent level of education, I just really want a career, I know animal jobs aren't paid much either but it doesn't bother me too much.*

    I'm considering pre access, access then maybe uni but if not uni access is level 3 so I'm happy to just get that qualification and I'm going to volunteer in a few more animal places, I already do doggy day care.**

    I want to travel, have a good life, have a career, eventually rent an apartment, have a car, things like that really, things you can't really do on minimum wage and at crappy jobs.**

    Just need advice on how to get here. I know I made a big mistake by getting Us in GCSE English and m

    No one's stopping you from retaking your gcses. Also your experience and interest and ambition are going to count more when you go for that interview.

    People clearly aren’t giving you the answers you want, I’ve seen at least 2 threads of this same question and every answer or advice you put down. What is it you want people to say? Resits are doable, you’ve got a part time job already, follow the natural course of education and you’ll get qualifications eventually if you put in the hard work, everyone else has to do it.
    If you have enough drive you’ll get to where you want at a steady pace, your previous grades just mean you have to persevere a bit harder than others.
    You have said you have a good idea in mind about places you want to work and people have given you previous advice on that before because I’ve seen it.
    You’re only 18. It’s really not that old. People have no idea what they want to even do with their life at age 25, believe it or not you have ages. You’ll like career change at least 8 times in your life to figure out what you want to do or be, so stop stressing! Just be active in your educational life, persevere at part time jobs, pursue a hobby you enjoy and let life takes you where it can.
    There is no right or wrong answer to how you live your life and you’re basing other peoples lifestyles on how you should live yours waaaay too much!
    Things happen that we don’t expect so you can’t plan to far ahead anyway, like I said you are young no matter how old you think being 18 is haha, I’m 21 soon and have absolutely no clue what I want to do career wise, I’m not bothered by that though! So just chill and take heed on peoples previous advice.
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