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Should I choose HL Geography or Biology for the IB? watch

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    Hi, so I am currently in the process of choosing my subjects for the IB, however I am currently struggling to decide on what I want to do for my Group 6 subjects.

    So far I have chosen:

    English A L&L - HL
    German A - SL
    Economics - HL
    Maths - SL
    Chemistry - HL

    and then either Biology or Geography HL. I am not really 100% what I want to do in the future (probably something like management, marketing, economics or law... but I am incredibly indecisive and feel like i might change my mind over the next two years).

    I really enjoy both of these subjects and I am relatively good at both of them, but there is no way I am dropping any of my other subjects either, so I have to choose between these two...

    Which one do you think I should chose? Which of these could be more useful? Where could I possibly get an easier 7?
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    Without Biology, you'll find options within the sciences quite limited. If you aren't interested in this, then it doesn't really matter of course. Many Geography degree courses require Geography at A-level/HL, although there are a fair few that don't. You would then have more options with it than without in this subject area.

    However if you're interested in Economics at uni and are aiming for 7s and presumably "top tier" universities, you should realistically be taking HL Maths. Most Economics degrees require A-level/HL Maths, and while there are a number which will accept SL, there are very few among the "top" courses that will (the only one that I can really think might is PPE at Oxford, since you will have some maths background at least still). Otherwise you can certainly cross off LSE, Cambridge, Warwick etc.

    Finally, why are you intending to take 4 HL subjects? IB is already a huge workload, and you don't get any extra accolades for doing 4 HLs compared with 3 from unis (the only real difference is if you're taking 4 HL subjects in "facilitating" subjects because you have no idea what you want to do and want to maximize the number of subjects you could potentially apply to, which doesn't seem to be the case for you). I would highly recommend only taking 3 HL - dropping to SL either Chemistry if you have no plans to pursue the sciences in future (since HL Chemistry is notoriously challenging, at least according to my coursemates when we did IB some years ago), or English if you might want to pursue the sciences but don't plan to pursue a literature subject at university (which based on your comments, seems the case).
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