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Voting for the 2017 Community Awards has opened! There are over 30 different categories, you can see a full list by clicking here.

Below is a list of categories most relevant to TSR's awesome Universities Section. If you have ever had a question answered, seen someone giving helpful advice, or read a particularly informative thread, voting in these awards is a nice way to show your appreciation.

Click on the title of each award to vote! :grin:

Most Helpful member in Unis:
04MR17, Alleycat393, claireestelle, Doonesbury, Plagioclase, PQ, Swansea Medic, Snufkin, Blue_Cow, UWS

Uni Rep of the Year:
Brasenose College Oxford, Peterhouse Admissions, Murray Edwards Admissions, Nottingham Trent University (NTU), Sheffield Hallam, University of Surrey, University of Hertfordshire, Christ's Admissions, Loughborough, Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)

Most Helpful Thread of the Year:
Manchester Accommodation FAQ + Accommodation Choices Thread The Official 2018 Cambridge Applicants Thread
2018 Veterinary applicants
A101 Swansea 2017 Entry
Official Investment Banking Spring Week 2018 Thread
University Application Guide 2018 | UCAS FAQs
Mental Health Support Society XIX
UKMT Maths Challenges Chat 2017/18
Your Full Guide to the EPQ
The I-SOC (Islamic Society) XVI

Community Assistant of the Year:
04MR17, AmeliaLost, CheeseIsVeg, Kraggor, laurawatt, Michiyo, Ninja Squirrel, EstelOfTheEyrie, IWMTom, Mystelle

Support Team member of the Year:
Airmed, chelseadagg3r, Furryface12, Kindred, Lemur14, Paracosm, Plagioclase, RoyalSheepy, shadowdweller, Snufkin

Section Leader of the Year:
AngryJellyfish, Doonesbury, claireestelle, BurstingBubbles, Gingerbread101, MrDystopia

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