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My mock results were terrible.. watch

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    So I take Psychology, English Lang/Lit, and Media studies.

    Psychology: I studied for the wrong paper on one of them but the other i felt super confident
    Result: Teacher quit marking the paper I knew I did bad on half way through whilst I still only got a D on the one I felt confident about

    English: I felt semi-confident but fairly sure I messed up 1 question..
    Result: I got a D

    Media: I figure media's my best subject as I find it relatively easy, and still I failed
    Result: The teacher said he gave me an E out of pity, because otherwise I would have gotten nothing, but even the other teachers when checking over said E was too generous.

    I usually don't study, but for this? I studied hard. I made enough revision cards to kill the amazon and spent hours going over my notes. For example, I still know all of the information for the psychology paper I was so confident in.. I admit my attendance isn't the best as I froze under stress and fear of failing to the point where I no-doubt doomed myself to do so when I wasn't already prior however I have gone over everything I missed in my own time taking notes from others.

    What advice do you have to revise? Though this question is surely been asked time and time again, I always find the more I revise, especially for Media and English, the more I fail. This is because I have really good ideas from when I revise and since I already know what I'm writing about, as opposed to organically unravelling a concept within the test itself, I get stuck trying to convince people and prove my point rather than moving on to show the affects it has. Psychology however, other than my dumb mistake of revising for the wrong thing on one, I honestly don't know what else I could do on top of what I have.

    I would have put this in the study help section, but It had more than one topic so I decided this would be best.
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    your revision method probably isn't working for you- try other methods (mindmaps, videos etc)? and make sure you know what's on each exam.
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