Hey guys! So coming from a music degree, I have offers for an MSc Management at 6 universities including Warwick, UCL, Durham, Edinburgh, Bath and Glasgow. I’ve been rejected by LSE and have been put on waiting list by Imperial College. Even though my target was Imperial College, I’ve been lucky enough to receive an offer with a £7000 scholarship from Warwick and also an offer from UCL which were my second and third choices. However, I’m really confused and can’t decide to which one I wanna go. I’ve already paid a deposit to Warwick and have to pay another one to UCL to keep my position by April 1st. I understand that they’re both quite different universities. London is much more expensive, but has definitely much more to do than Coventry or Leamington Spa in which I would stay if I go to Warwick. On one hand, I really wanted to experience the campus way of life as I come from a non-campus uni. On the other hand, I feel like it might be too much being confined in a tiny area and small cities all the time and London sounds really tempting despite the extremely high cost of living. I understand that Warwick is no. 3 for Management and no.1 sought after by employers, but UCL has a long standing name despite the fact that the School of Management there only opened up two years ago. I wouldn’t wanna go there just to satisfy myself and feel like I’ve done well by studying there because of its reputation. Warwick sounds more solid as a choice but its remote location and other things make me feel like I might struggle socially there. I’ve had a really rough three years during my undergraduate degree regarding my social life and I really don’t want to put myself through the same misery again! And by the way, I’m an EU student planning on residing and working in the UK after my postgraduate degree! Overall, you can see that I’m very indecisive and confused so any sort of help or opinion would be highly appreciated! Many thanks!