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'going on top' to pleasure guys? NEED HELP GUYS watch

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    I recently changed how I move on top to the move 'grinding' (moving forwards and backwards) .
    My boyfriend came and seemed to enjoy it but I had a little doubt that he had faked it or not be as good as he made out.
    So I searched it but not many results came up.
    - does it feel good for guys?
    -does it pleasure them physically?
    -is it even pleasuring them at all as im not sure what its doing to them with you moving forwards and backwards?

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    Why would he fake it? Orgasms vary in intensity according to a whole range of factors.

    My first long-term partner used to like grinding against my pubic bone some of the times we had sex. It is a different sensation, but a) variety is good and b) I can't remember if I came as a result, but I do remember adoring how much she enjoyed it.

    Sex like that is great. It's all about the variety.

    It helps if you are physically attractive when you're on top as he can see your whole body above the waist-line. Something that he can't normally see during missionary.

    Missionary will still probably remain your bread and butter position.

    With you on top, it's easier for the penis to flop out. And the man is not in control of the movements like he would be with him on top. So it takes a certain amount of skill / practise / physical beauty / moaning / enthusiasm / sexiness from you to bring him off if he's not feeling really randy. From your description it sounds like you're doing fine in this department.

    If you really want to give him a treat / pleasant surprise, get your anus fully lubed up and relaxed and lower yourself onto him either facing away or to him. Stimulate your clit, either with his fingers or yours and move in a way that best brings you to orgasm. In other words, masturbate yourself off whilst sitting with his penis up your bottom. It won't matter to him if comes or not as the pleasure will come from sharing this deeply intimate sexual act.
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    Community Assistant
    Erm, that's close to advising them to have anal sex rather than vaginal sex without their consent.

    There's also no reason why you can't also stimulate the clitoris in most 'woman on top' positions.
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    I'd personally rather the girl on top tbh
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