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Aiming for Level 9's (GCSE) watch

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    Intro: Hi, I'm Kiran and am in Year 10, so kind of halfway through my GCSE courses.

    Career and future plans: I'd like to be an architect in the future, undecided on where to study it and hopefully my GCSE and A-Levels can help me achieve my goals in the future

    Target Grades:

    Art (AQA) - 7
    Biology (AQA) - 8
    Chemistry (AQA) - 7
    English Language (Edexcel) - 6
    English Language (Edexcel) - 6 (Want to really get these up to an 8/9)
    Fench (AQA) - 7
    Geography (AQA) - 7
    Maths (Edexcel) - 8
    Physics (AQA) - 8
    RS (AQA) - 7
    Spanish (AQA) - 7

    Dates in the future:

    November = Mocks
    May-June = The real thing :bawling:

    'Tomorrow is too late, yesterday is over and now is exactly the right moment, so start'
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    In terms of posting schedule this is what I'm thinking so far:

    Monday: Set English essay question, on which I'll work on during the week. Feel free to answer the question and post your answer in the replies
    Tuesday: Maths/science question and answer
    Wednesday: Revision techniques and how I learn
    Thursday: Languages related
    Friday: Review of the week and I'll post my answer to the English essay
    Weekends: Chill (i.e no posts)

    If anyone has any suggestions of things they want to see then feel free to reply with them. Also if I miss a day then feel free to send me messages to remind me. However, I'll try and get these posts up and running starting from tomorrow, revision techniques and how I learn
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    Wednesday: revision techniques

    For me when I am trying to memorise things I do this:
    -I read it 8-10 times
    -I then say it 8-10 times
    -I then write it down 2-3 times
    I repeat this process every day for the information (formulae etc)

    Also have a class notebook which can be messy and rough. Then when you get home use a different notebook to condense and tidy up your notes. It’ll be easier when you come to revise. I find that adding colour and adding diagrams also helps
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    Thursday: Languages

    I do French and Spanish so the language posts will be about those languages. This post is going to cover some vocabulary which I like to use in writing tasks and which I feel is useful vocab to know. If anyone has any other phrases which are great to use in exams add to the replies. I'll alternate each week between French and Spanish

    -Je dirais que = Iwould say that
    -Je dois admetttre que = I must admit that
    -Apres avoir voir = After having seen
    -Je peux, je veux = I can, I want
    -Vu que = Because
    -Si je suis honnete = If I am honest
    -Inoubliable = Unforgettable
    -Epoustouflant = Breathtaking
    -Effrayant = Scary
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    Week Review:

    So this week started off with a maths test on Monday. The test consisted of circle theorem, trigonometry, quadratics and a few more topics. Seen as I got 62% on my last test and for a 'top' set that wasn't good enough I revised hard and made sure that I got a more acceptable grade this time. Results came out on Wednesday and I got 82%, a score which I am much happier with and this scale of improvement can hopefully be carried forward to the next test.

    Tuesday and Thursday were standard term 4 school days with normal lessons but today (Friday) I had a Geography school trip. We went to Westfield, the Greenwich Peninsula, and Stratford to look at sustainability and regeneration. After going on the Emirates Cable cars, conducting pedestrian counts, perception surveys and environmental quality surveys we made our way back. I was a really interesting trip in terms of how we can influence the future and how the decisions we make now must be sustainable.

    I would post a photo of the trip but this message keeps on popping up.
    "Something went wrong when we tried to contact the server. Please try reloading the page."
    Sorry, but in conclusion, this week of March has been a good one. Don't forget Mother's Day everyone and I'll be posting again on Monday
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    Monday: English essay question:

    From Literature paper 1 here is a question about Macbeth. As per my schedule, I'll post my answer on Friday and if you want to have a go then we'll be in the same boat. If you want to make it harder for yourself then give yourself a time limit or do it closed-book.

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    Tuesday: Science and Maths: Seen as I have a physics test on waves tomorrow this post is focused around that.

    Which of the following are longitudinal waves?

    -Sound Waves
    -Light Waves

    What is the frequency of a wave?

    If a wave had a wavelength of 5m and a frequency of 100Hz, what is its wave speed?

    What does the angle of incidence equal in a reflection from a plane mirror?


    Answers: 1. Sound Waves 2. The number of waves passing a point per second 3. 500 m/s 4. The angle of reflection

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    Wednesday: Revision techniques:

    1. Start early, just do it. Don't procrastinate, we're all victims including myself, and although it may seem pointless now, in the long run, you'll thank yourself.

    2. Massive cliche technique I know, but who cares, it helps. Put your flashcards/notes around your house. Test your knowledge of quadratics whilst brushing your teeth or how well you know electrolysis whilst making breakfast.

    3. Find friends to revise with. How I do it is I do all my revision notes and consolidation at home by myself and every two weeks my friends and myself have a revision group in which each of us spends 15 teaching a topic/theme, we go over homework and just generally test our knowledge. I feel this adds variety to your revision and it makes that bit more bearable.
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    Thursday: Languages:

    Last week was French so this week will be Spanish.

    Good linking words:
    En cambio = On the other hand
    Aunque = Although
    Sin embargo = However

    Me levanto = I get up
    Me ducho = I shower
    Me despierto = I wake up
    Me acuesto = I go to sleep
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