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    Can somebody please give this essay a grade on the 9-1 scale and a mark out of thirty.

    Thank you!

    'But each of you helped to kill her.' To what extent do you agree with Inspector Goole's words? Are some characters more responsible than others?

    I agree with the above statement to an extent since I believe that all the members of the Birling family contributed to Eva's death although I disagree that Gerald did. Moreover, I feel that Mr Birling and Eric especially played a more crucial role in Eva's death and so will examine their actions to Eva Smith.
    I do not think Gerald played a role in Eva's death. Gerald says 'I didn't feel for her as she felt for me' stating that although Eva SMith may have loved him, Gerald only used her for his own enjoyment. Moreover, it is conveyed the importance and love Eva held for Gerald. The Inspector informs Gerald that Eva 'felt there's be nothing as good again for her' in reference to her experience with Gerald. Eva desired to elongate her happiness and so left for 'seaside place'. Gerald was a real source of joy for Eva Smith in the midst of her sacking from multiple jobs and, in a way, the hapipness Gerald - who was only greedy and lustful for her looks and body - made her live longer and reduced her will to commit suicide and so I feel Gerald did not play a role. Althernatively, one could argue that the sudden disappearance of Eva Smith's happiness and possibly her being heartbroken from Gerals 'breaking off' their relation made her feel there was 'nothing as good again' in her life and increase her hopelessness as well as her desire to live as she felt that life only had bad events waiting for her.

    In Act 3, the Inspector says to Sheila 'you didn't start it' and looks rather 'savagely at Birling'. Here, the inspector using his body language shows that he feels Mr Birling had triggered the chain of events with ultimately leads to the death of Eva Smith. Evenmore, in Act 2, he turns on Birling 'sharply' and says that 'It was [Birling] who turned the girl out in the first place'. Priestley uses the repetition of the idea that Mr Birling started the events which led to Eva's death. Using this concept, Scholars have argued that Mr Birling holds the majority of the responsibility for Eva's death. If he had granted the worker's their wishes of higher pay instead of following the capitalist ideology of 'lower wages and higher prices', ultimately Eva would have not have been impregnated by Eric and commit suicide because she would not have been desperately in need of money. Therefore, Mr Birling hold much more responsibility than Sheila for the Eva Smith's death as if he had acted differently to the strikes, the consequences leading from that would have been different assumingly.

    Moreover, I think Eric plays the biggest part in contributing to Eva's death. Priestley uses the seven deadly sins to convey the motives behind the characters that led to their actions towards Eva. In Eric's case, it was greed, lust and of course alcoholic influence as said by Eric describing himself as 'squiffy' which led to them '[making] love' simply because Eric felt she was a 'good sport'. Priestley choice of the common noun 'sport' presents the idea that to Eric, Eva was not an individual but simply a past time which the Inspector comments on stating that Eric 'just used her for the end of a stupid drunken evening, as is she was an animal, a thing not a person' highlighting his disguest towards the attitude Eric held for Eva. Eva becomes pregnant and the audience sympathise with her in the play because of her morals especially when she refuses Eric's money once she discovers it was stolen. One could argue that due to her pregnant state, she was refused work and had to turn to Mrs Birling's charity for funds to help her and in need of 'chief assistance' which Mrs Birling says. If it was not for Eric, she would have been in a good physical state for other labour and therefore Mrs Birling would not have drew the final straw for Eva's death. Mrs Birling herself states 'I blame the young man who was the father of the child' and describes him as 'being entirely responsible'. Here, Priestley explicitly states through the ignorance of Mrs Birling and in a way this causing a lack of bias - as Mrs Birling is unaware the father is her son and reacts more like a stranger to the situation -, how much of a role Eric did play in helping to "kill" Eva as she says 'if her death is due to anybody, then it's due to him'. Therefore, Eric helped the most in killing Eva.

    Overall, although all the Birlings played a role in contributing to Eva's death, Eric contributed the most as his inability to control his greed ultimately limited Eva Smith's ability to work and become more desperate for money. I diagree that Gerald played a role in her death and rather feel he elongated her love and remained as a source of hope for her.

    7 - Overall, it is a very good start. Some the points need some more development (e.g. the argument that Gerald could be seen as responsible for the death of Eva Smith) and the conclusion needs more depth.
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    (Original post by Deckoles)
    7 - Overall, it is a very good start. Some the points need some more development (e.g. the argument that Gerald could be seen as responsible for the death of Eva Smith) and the conclusion needs more depth.
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