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    Hi guys. I am currently in the process of picking my options. At my school the compulsory subjects are English, Mathematics, Science, a language (Spanish for me) and a humanities subject for me (Geography). This means I am left with one option. I would have liked to pick Triple Science as my option however i have found out that I can't pick it as an option because the head of science will pick the flourishing students in it and i have found out i will be doing it anyway and that it will be compulsory for me. Which means i still have a remaining option. Due to knowing I will be doing triple science i think i should pick an option that i will enjoy that will cause less stress. The 3 options I am deciding out of are Sociology, Business and PE. I have always loved PE and do great in it in the physical aspect I have not seen any PE exams, we do not have the option of doing GCSE PE, and if i do choose it I will be doing the BTECH version. However I think that PE will not open many doors for me so that puts me off. The next option is sociology, I like sociology and it interests me very much however the grade i will get is 100% based on exams so no coursework and I think I'd be better off picking an option with more coursework. Finally we have business, I don't know much about the course other than 40% is exam material and the other 60% is on work we will do. So guys i'm confused on what to do ,would love to see your responses.
    What would you pick if you were in my situation?
    Sociology? PE? Business?

    I picked sociology and it’s pretty interesting. But apparently if u want something easy, business is better. Idk about PE but if u enjoy it more than the others then go for it.
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