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How common are mental issues at university ? watch

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    Hi guys.

    Online I found a lots of people that complain about the university.
    Also here on TSR there are a lot of thread about mental problem and stress related to the uni.

    What's going on?
    Is university for some people harmful?

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    Community Assistant
    Some people struggle with homesickness if they moved away. Others can't cope with the workload. And some people are fine. Everyone is different and university doesn't suit everyone.
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    I think a majority of students are touched by mental health issues at uni however they range in severity. I think almost all students definitely experience stress at some points, to some this stress becomes an almost permanent state. I think 'stress' sounds like a common, everyday thing but it can have serious effects on people. Depression and anxiety are two big issues as well and again this can range from mild depression and feeling down to being debilitating where the student struggles to get out of their room and take care of themselves. I also think that a lot of people who are struggling with stress, anxiety or depression sometimes don't realise there's a problem (especially in milder forms) and just think it's the norm and what to expect from uni. Alternatively some may deny there is a problem.

    University can probably be a very isolating and lonely place for some people with very little structure and no one really checking up on them day to day. It;s easy to fall into the routine of staying in bed all day or over using drugs or alcohol.

    Worries about finance, grades, what to do after graduation....it all piles up.

    I think at university, you come into a very surreal environment. Some feel the stress of living away from home, then there’s the pressure to make friends so you don’t feel alone. Everyone is around the same age so social media is huge and can make you feel like an outcast if you don’t have it etc.

    I think also at uni, it’s essentially just kids running around, it’s very immature and it can feel like there’s no parents or adults to guide or take control, so there is a sense of no safety net or no authority to ground you.
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    From my experience it depends on the type of person you are an outgoing or hardcore study person, for me in general university is a test of your ability to juggle several things social life, work, family, and study. It's fine and dandy when everything is going alright but if you missed up one thing all other priorities would be hard to juggle, so you end up chasing on to get things in order. I think this is where mental health problem occurs from my experience.
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