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    Has anyone hated school or hates school but know that it is there fault? Like you pushing your friends away, or you being so shy that you give off the impression that you are rude or you haven't put effort into speaking to people in your year or bullied someone?
    I've purposely done things because I don't think I'm good enough to make friends with people and I've just grown tired of people wanting me to speak all the time. I've been really selfish in the past and it's impacted my relationship with my friends and has worsened my enthusiasm to make new friends. I guess I gave up and just stopped trying to seem enthusiastic around people in my year when I was just miserable all the time with myself. tbh i still am pretty miserable I think my problems come from self-hatred and really bad insecurity, not something to do with bullying or something from people in my year. My year group is actually really nice, even the popular kids are quite nice to most people. And everyone is really close to each other except me because every time someone has wanted to be my friend I've just ruined it by doing really rude things or not putting in enough effort into our friendship. So I know that I could have done more to make the school experience better and I should have taken responsibility for my actions and accepted the consequences of them.
    <spoiler> Consequences like: I've lost most of my friends, made most people uncomfortable around me, made people think I stare at them all the time, made people tired of wasting their energy on me when I clearly don't seem interested, been so self-absorbed that I didn't care about what my friends wanted and I still act this way. I guess I'm a really bad friend...</spoiler>
    Have you ever done things that made your school experience worse?
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    What's causing you to feel like you're not good enough?
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    (Original post by DrawTheLine)
    What's causing you to feel like you're not good enough?
    I'm just selfish all the time which frustrates me because I know I could be kinder. And I did some really horrible mistakes in the past which make me feel like there's something wrong with me coz I never seem to learn from them. I'm also so uncomfortable around new people so by the time I do get to know them they think I'm rude. I just hate how I'e made school but I hate that I don' even seem to care anymore, I just force people to hate me really...
Have you ever experienced racism/sexism at uni?
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