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    I think being assertive sometimes transcends as NOT being nice. Saying ‘no’ in some situations sometimes could make you come across as *****y or stern but it just means they can’t walk all over you ... I have a friend who is the loveliest human on the planet , but she’s TOO nice. Someone could drive their car over her and she’d be like ‘Hun it’s honestly fine do it again if you want’. She needs to grow some balls basically because I can see people walking over her.... and to answer your question, it’s because she allows them too.

    Basically, you can still be nice and tell people to **** off when they overstep the mark :laugh:. We get treated how we allow ourselves to be treated and if you let someone do this chances are they will
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    (Original post by AspiringUnderdog)
    People that are too nice are seen as weak and someone that CAN be taken advantage of so people choose to do that. If you want something done it's easier to go to that person and pressure them.

    Also I've noticed that people who say yes to everything are not seen as nicer than someone that often says yes but says no to quite a bit too. Guess people like someone that stands up for themselves for.
    It’s just all strange and backwords though. Positive people get more abuse like wut:laugh: Must be a scientific reason behind it

    Path of least resistance, why improve yourself and make yourself a stronger person when you can use someone else to become stronger (even if it's only relative to the person being used)?
    Also nicer people tend to be more trusting and philanthropic, leaving them vulnerable to being used and not even realising it until it's too late.
    Funny thing is you don't even need to be a total psychopath to be so abusive, they can rationalise it quite easily, so it's more common than you'd hope.
    E.g. Their abuse has actually benefited the used party, as they won't make the same mistake again so the abuser has taught them a life lesson.
    Or being apathetic, as it was necessary in achieving their personal goals or they can't understand the nice person has been mistreated.

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