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Convinced myself none of this is real. watch


    (Original post by Drummond)
    Here we go...... So this is basically what you saying - "Whatever you do don't think about God, just try and distract yourself, have you got any hobbies or anything which you could distract yourself with, so you're not considering God? Hey what's that over there, look at that instead, there's nothing to see here, honest guv ."
    Well OP's situation wouldn't be helped if he continued to delve further into something that is unanswerable at this point. I'm not saying not to think about God but for OP's situation it doesn't help to.

    Honestly try not to think so much you will just get depressed. Its too difficult once you are in.

    (Original post by ReadySalted28)
    It can be argued the entity behind the 'Chemical reactions, timings, maths and sequences' is God too, as well as the Big Bang.
    Well, it could, but first you'd have to show that god exists in the first place. Which no one has yet done.
    Therefore to claim that god is the cause of something is meaningless.

    There a number of scientific evidence which is stated in the Quran-however scientific advancements took place thousands of years later.
    There is nothing "scientific" in the Quran that was not already known at the time it was written.

    The Quran is unchanged,
    We know that there have been different versions of the Quran, so this is not true. Yes, the message is essentially the same, but the wording has changed.

    but the Bible is changed.
    Has it? Not any more than the Quran has, as far as I have been able to determine.
Were you ever put in isolation at school?
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