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I haven't done ALIS, but I did MidYis and Yellis at school. I think they're a test of your basic intelligence, so they work on the assumption that exam success is based on intelligence rather than hard work....but in Yellis, a friend of mine who's brilliant at Maths and Science, was set minimum target grades of B, whereas I was set grade A targets because I was good with words as well as numbers. Don't take the target grades too seriously. If your good enough at a subject, you'll do well anyway, an English and Maths test can't determine what grade you're going to get in History (for example).
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They're useless and mean nothing.

They came up with target grades of something like CCD for me and I got 3 As and B at AS.

Ignore them and set you're own targets.
I've done ALIS, the results that came out were misleading.
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It's a load of crap really.
One of my friends put 'a' for every answer so, in theory, he should have got 25%.
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load of rubbish. waste of an afternoon if you ask me. we didnt even get told our predictions which made doing the test even better. and at our school even if you tried to skip it, they took a register and made you do it at another (probably more inconvenient time).

if you have to do it, do it, you wont lose anything. but dont regard it as gospel.
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I did one on Wednesday and it seemed pretty pointless really. If they are going to base my A Level predictions on that then they are going to say that I'm going to fail them all because I got pretty bored towards the end and made pretty patterns with my answers :biggrin:
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they are going to say that I'm going to fail them all because I got pretty bored towards the end and made pretty patterns with my answers :biggrin:

wish id thought of that! i sat there almost hysterical because i didnt hear the tape say that there was a time limit and i hadnt finished the 1st vocab section when they said turn the page. I was colouring all the boxes really carefully and then it was 'time up'- i was only on about question 15. For the rest of the test i went to fast, + no one told me that i could use rough paper for the maths section! i was trying to rearange them in my head! Overall i would say that i should be predicted.... um let me see... Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yeah. I took them. I got predicted something gay like CDBD and got AAAA for maths, further maths, physics and music respectively. I think it also uses overall GCSE results to predict your A level results. So even though I had A* in maths GCSE a BB in english would've pulled my grade prediction down even though the two subjects are worlds apart. They're a waste of time really.
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aparently they are used to caluculate a schools value added scores as well, so in a way the crapper you do in the test the better it is for them! They'll do very well of me then!
Has anyone had to take this? What exactly is it for? I really dont understand how they predict your Alevel grades from a bunch 'rotate the square' style questions and your parents jobs! Anyone able to enlighten me?

It's a stupid hour long (?) test with different sections such as maths, English etc. They use your score from that, plus your GCSE grades, to predict your AS results. Oh, and there's a section you fill in about your experiences of your sixth form, whether you'd recommend it to other people or not, etc, so your school can see what its students think of it! It's a pretty rubbish test, the predictions come out all weird for loads of people. It predicted me A/B, B, B, B/C, B/C and i got AAAAB! My teacher predicted grades were AABBB.
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I never even got told the results of mine. What a waste of time!
Absolute waste of time. How on earth could they predict my grade in music from some verbal and non-verbal reasoning tests ? :confused:
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heh totally, they predicted me BBBC and I got BBCC so there!