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    Can kind of relate OP, but this is just how the real world works.

    You’re paying £9,250 to teach yourself
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    You're an adult. You should be able to do your own research.

    This is the only problem with university. People choose their university according to where it stands in the rankings in the UK. It's only when you get there that you can come to the realisation that it's not all it's cracked up to be.
    I attend what is considered a 'low-ranking' university - a new university.
    Module plan at the beginning of the year with most of the assignments listed and guidance given for all of them, so you can work on them as and when in between lectures and during breaks/holidays. 24 turnaround for communication with lecturers. Appointments with personal tutors always available. Independent learning is given and readings up on Blackboard at least 48 hours beforehand.
    Exam timetables are already up for this year. We have 80-90% of students saying they have access to lecturers/personal tutors and the same for having things explained if they are struggling.
    No, it isn't the 'real' world. However, in the real world you are not paying 9k+. At university you are.

    (Original post by truffle_999)
    I know there’s not a very fine line between being spoon-fed academic information and independently researching on your own, but it irates me that some lecturers feel we’re just meant to absorb every ounce of information and be able to produce high quality work, when there’s a lack of guidance in the first place. I know university is an environment where the onus is on you to work hard, but I feel like I’ve been through so much stress to achieve absolutely nothing.

    And maybe it’s just me, but I feel there’s a constant lack of communication - don’t even know when my exams are, or where their going to take place 😑 - I’m staring to feel extremely jaded by the whole process.
    I can't say much about the exam timetable as that is university-specific (but all the unis I've been involved with have been very slow in producing them, so you're not alone!).

    As regards guidance, as I've said in other threads, do use resources like lecturers' office hours for things like assignments, and even if you're struggling with a topic. These are so under-utilised, and yet students complain they don't get enough guidance: I am often sitting in my office for 2-3 hours a week with no one coming by, yet then get inundated with emails 2 days before a deadline. There's only so much I can do in that kind of scenario. So if you feel you're a bit at sea with an assignment, go visit your lecturers' office hours. A 15-minute chat can often do wonders, and save so much time and energy.

    What university u at?
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