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    I have an unconditional offer to study history at Oxford, which obviously I am really happy about. However, during my year out I have become much more interested in politics than I used to be and the idea of studying both is really appealing.

    Ultimately I wouldn't be that arsed if they said no, because history is still my primary interest, but do you think Oxford would let me change to history and politics if I asked after starting? It kinda looks bad because the acceptance rate for history is a lot higher than for the combined course (apparently due to more international applicants applying to H&P or something idk), so I guess they might assume this was some scheme to get into a 'harder' course. It genuinely isn't - my interests have just changed a bit - but I can see how they might assume that and be like nah nice try

    Anyone at Oxford who knows anything about the possibility of changing course from first or second hand experience, let me know pls. My college offers both courses btw :^)))

    It does happen and it does happen between course that are further apart than history and history and politics but that is not to say that it is common. I believe the general gist of it is that the history and the politics tutors in your college would have to be on board with you making the chance and they could ask you to re-interview for the politics side.

    However, can I ask if you have looked in detail at the options available to you in the history course - especially the optional and special subjects in your second and third year? I believe there are generally some very modern papers (I did mainly medieval so never looked that closely but I think there used to be the Irish troubles for example) that might satisfy some of your interest in recent/current politics whilst still being a history course. There is also the dissertation which you are allowed to choose your own topic for so, again, could choose a political history topic in a recent time period.

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    People make much more dramatic changes than bolting an & ___ onto whatever they're studying – I know people who've replace one & ___ with another or changed to a different course altogether. In some cases this means an extra year's study to catch up on missed material, so if you want to make a change it's best to make enquiries ASAP. As Kiki09 said, it's up to the tutors whether they're willing to consider your request and, if so, what hoops you'll have to jump through.
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