Introducing our new UG and PG Official Student Reps – Here to help Q&A!

University of East Anglia
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Hi everyone :wavey:

Let me introduce you to our two new Official Student Reps for UEA!

Task – UEA's new Official Undergraduate Student Rep at University of East Anglia UG Student Rep

“I’m Task, the new TSR Undergraduate Student Rep for the University of East Anglia (UEA)! I’m currently in my 3rd year studying Medicine at UEA. Apart from working towards my degree, I partake in various university sports clubs ranging from hockey to windsurfing and I also enjoy cooking in my spare time.

As this is my 3rd year at UEA, I’m here to give you more of a student-orientated perspective on university life, answer any questions and share my experiences with you! I’m also modestly knowledgeable about the medicine application as a whole so can try and help- answer any queries regarding that process.”

Fred – UEA's new Official Postgraduate Student Rep at University of East Anglia PG Student Rep

“Hi, my name is Fred - I’m a 21-year-old postgraduate student at UEA. Originally from Essex, I’m now in Norwich studying an MA in Public Policy and Public Management, after completing my undergraduate degree in Politics at UEA too! Aside from my studies, I spend a lot of time keeping fit – either with friends, or with the university’s rowing team. I am also the UEA Rowing team’s Secretary, leaving me in charge of their social media – I love photography, so the Instagram page is my favourite!

I’m looking forward to answering all your questions about student life at UEA – hope to speak to you soon!”

Task and Fred are here to help with any Undergraduate or Postgraduate questions you may have on UEA - you’ll also see them around TSR offering general advice and answering questions about university.

Got a question for our new Student Reps, or simply want to say Hi? Comment below!

- Laura, UEA Official Rep
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Aarpita this side(International Student)
Just wanted to know how are wolfson close and orwell close accommodations?
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I've added this thread to my HUGE list of similar threads where you can find help and advice from current and former students of loads of universities and courses.

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