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    Getting into clubs underage (girl, 17) - what is the best method? Specifically in Cardiff if anyone knows a good club there

    I could never get into anywhere when I was 17 apart from this dodgy bar where I lived - we’d wait until the bouncer was distracted then walk in but then as soon as we tried to order drinks we would be found out haha - so we just used to sit in there and pass around a cigarette (pre smoking ban glory days haha) .

    I’m almost 30 and still get id’d probably 8 times out of 10 so unless you look a LOT older than 17 you probably won’t get in - plus if any of your group looks young you all get ID’d. I can’t actually think of anywhere in Cardiff that never checks - nightclubs tend to always check as you have to pay. You’d have more luck with pubs/bars.... not that I condone underage drinking!
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    The best way is to turn 18. Then it's dead easy.
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    Don't bother
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    The best method is to go when you're of legal age.
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    I look pretty young but 9/10 times, my friends and I would always get in when we were underage. Obviously the best way to ensure this is to borrow someone's ID, especially if the clubs around you use ID scanners.
    I rarely used a borrowed ID though because they were always last minute nights out. Genuinely I think most of it is confidence. My friends and I would wear dress quite maturely/out there clothes and walk around town like we were the sh*t. Full of confidence. You can't look nervous when you approach the door, you want to look like you're a regular and like you're at least a uni student.
    We also found it worked better if we were in small groups, because then if we did get stopped for ID we could be like 'ah sh*t we weren't planning on coming out' and make up some excuse. But if you're in a group of 7 and you all don't have ID then it's pretty suspicious.
    I also had a friend of mine who I would sometimes go out with, just the two of us. She'd always have her sister's borrowed ID (about 25yo), and if I ever got asked for mine, we'd make up some excuse. Because it'd be pretty weird for a 25yo and 16yo to go clubbing together right?
    Where I live, there's the main city centre and other surrounding towns where loads of underage school kids go. We actually found it harder to get into the smaller clubs in those towns because the bouncers knew that if you were choosing to go to one of their clubs then it's unlikely you were over 18.
    So we would stick to the main city centre. We were also pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get into places on halloween and NYE. I think because bouncers assume that you wouldn't take the risk if you weren't over 18. And you'd just go to a house party instead.
    We also once went out on a wednesday night during a school week and it was so easy to get into places because they just assume you're a uni student if you're going out midweek.
    Main advice is be confident and charming, don't dress like a typical 17yo, go in a small group 2-3 people, don't act immature, potentially try and go in with an older guy.
    But really if you can, try and borrow ID for the night. They don't even need to look that similar to you. I used someone's who was a different race to me and I was fine. Or at least have one of you in the group with ID.
    Also when I say go in a smaller group, I just mean for the queue. Obviously you can still go out with a big group but just split up.
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