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    Ok so my New Year's resolution was to start healthy diet and start gym. However I kept hearing stories that regular gym goers can recognise who is new and sort of bully or pick on new starters because they know they will be gone in a couple of days. So I thought I'd wait until February so 2nd February I went in and spoke to the staff on counter who weren't really helpful and just pointed me to the nearest kiosk to sign up. They didn't even show me a tour of the gym so I had a quick look around myself. It's quite a small gym anyway so not much to see. Already I was getting dirty looks from some people and I'm like wtf? I remember it was on Friday when I joined and I planned to start my first day on Monday around morning time when it's quiet but it's now been a month and I've not yet been once because my suspicions about regular gym goers giving dirty looks to new starters came true and I've been sort of put off. I am still being charged direct debit monthly and it will also cost to cancel my membership. I don't want to cancel my membership and actually want to go but what can I do to stop feeling nervous when people give me dirty looks? I don't have any friends to go with so this is one of the reasons why I've started gym so to meet new people and make friends.

    Everyone starts somewhere, even the people that are are giving you the dirty looks. Forget the fact they are looking at you and just do your thing for 45mins and you're done. Don't let anyone's else's opinions have an affect on you because who gives a f*** what they or anyone else thinks. 👍

    If you're getting dirty looks from people at your gym and you've heard of new-comers being picked on then you're going to/hearing about the wrong gyms, my friend. It definitely says more about them than it does you...

    a) they're cheating themselves of gains whilst giving you dirty looks
    b) they're focussing their energy on their next lifts
    c) they're so insecure in themselves that they feel to try and make someone feel intimidated

    Also, as puddhi eater 69 (lol) said, who cares what other people are thinking? This is for you not anybody else - forget the tosspots and do your thing.

    You got this.

    But you can also workout at home and run to shape up your body. Once that is done, you can walk into the gym, like its your yard. Also, try go to a popular gym, so less chance of getting bullied as there may be personals there and many people working out.
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