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Why haven't I found a boyfriend yet? watch


    (Original post by hannah00)
    lol its sad but true. Best to get it over an done with, than obbsessing over it

    its not about others judgement, its about leaving it too late and then you regret it later because now your expectations are too different from reality.
    Leaving it late would be like 40 - 23 is not old that’s just distorted lol
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    (Original post by ANM775)
    seek out a female dating coach or something

    something is going very wrong if you're course is 90% male and nobody is trying it on

    with such supply and demand in your favour you should be getting multiple offers

    ..or maybe your standards are too high.......
    "supply and demand" lmao

    u tryna get the pipe?

    Everyone tryna get the pipe these days. All these young whippersnappers *shakes head*

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I'm an 18 year old female in my first year of university and I've never had a boyfriend. I'm doing an engineering degree as well so that says a lot because my course is like 90% male lol. I sometimes have crushes on guys but then when I get to know them I realise they're not right for me. I have never really felt that connection with someone, and idk if there's something wrong with me or I just haven't met the right person yet? It seems like everyone is getting into relationships at this stage so I don't have many options left lmao
    Real connections are made after at least a couple dates. Don't expect perfect chemistry from the get-go because it won't happen. Just find someone you think is attractive and reasonable and give them a shot.
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