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Trouble Sleeping Lately! watch

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    I know there’s probably a lot of posts like this already but I thought I’d post it anyway to get direct feedback.

    So I’m naturally quite a late sleeper anyway.
    I don’t mind functioning on around 6 hours of sleep as my body doesn’t seem to mind either.

    On quite a few occasions, I’ll get into bed around 2 or 3 and I am not able to sleep until about 6 or 7. Sometimes I don’t sleep at all which causes me to sleep later that day in the afternoon or the evening.

    I’m not looking for a diagnosis or anything like that, just advice or techniques on how I can get a better quality of sleep.
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    I’m the exact same. Only advice I can give is try to sleep early by like 11, even if you’re not tired. Just close your eyes and try sleep. Even if you don’t fall asleep for hours it will happen eventually. And maybe with time you’ll be able to adjust. That’s what I’m trying to do right now and last night I fell asleep at like 12 and I woke up at 6.

    I have insomnia. I´ve tried all of these before finding my thing, maybe something works for you:
    - Exercise in the morning or early afternoon (mostly cardio)
    - Dim lights after 7 p.m
    - No electronics after 7 p.m
    - No sodas/coffee after 5 p.m
    - Not smoking
    - Getting some sunlight every day
    - Apps with rain, ocean, birds, etc. sounds when trying to sleep
    - Don´t lay in bed if you`re not planning on falling asleep
    - Breathing exercises
    - Meditation
    - Shower before going to sleep
    - Not eating full meals at night
    - "Good Night Tea" (bunch of tea brands are marketed as sleeping aids)
    - Forcing yourself to wake up and go to bed at the same time every day/night (even weekends)
    - Ambien/Zolpidem (gave me night terrors and woke me up 2-4 times a night... so careful with the side effects)
    - Diazepam (takes anxiety away so if that´s why you´re awake, go for it. Didnt work for me)
    - Quetiapine (mostly for depression, but also gets you to sleep. Two birds one stone. This one finally did it for me)

    Having been awake for 3 days in a row before, I know it can be exhausting, so good luck!
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