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Spanish women halt work for a day in first feminist strike watch


    I hope the men and women who continued to work were paid more.

    (Original post by AngeryPenguin)
    Womyn in Spain are entering the country's first feminist strike, which aims to highlight womens' average earnings being below that of men.
    Something got lost in the translation, what they mean is that they want to close the gap between the average hours men and women work. Not sure if they mean they want to work longer hours or for men to work less, it's not made clear in the manifesto.
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    (Original post by CookieButter)
    Women strike...life carries on as normal.

    If men did a strike the entire world would collapse overnight.
    Only womyn striked (stroke? hmm).

    The majority of women ignored the calls for a strike and carried on as normal.

    What a stupid strike. Is there a gap between the amount of money men make and the amount of money women make? Is some of this due to discrimination? Sure. Is most of it due to discrimination? No

    (Original post by Just my opinion)
    For one thing women unionise far less than men and women go on strike far less than men.
    Perfect example is the recent bin men Vs Dinner Ladies working for Birmingham City Council.
    In the whole history of Dinner Ladies working for the council they have never gone on strike to improve their wages. Every time management said you are only getting 1% or even no wage rise for the next three years the dinner lady said "oh ok"
    Bin men on the other hand have a long history of taking strike action, some would say at the drop of a hat, to improve their terms conditions and wage offers. 60 or 70 years of frequent strike action and facing down your employer in wage negotiations tends to have an effect on your wage level.
    Interesting, I did not know that. Seems like a fairly straightforward thing to get women to do more. As they just did in Spain, where millions striked just now.

    (Original post by yudothis)
    That's presumption. Are you saying male actors are in general more well known? I think you will find that hard to prove. And it isn't about jobs. It's about value placed on something.
    It’s well proven that the better known actor is paid more in a film it’s nothing to do with gender so stfu
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    (Original post by Itsthe)
    It’s well proven that the better known actor is pained more in a film it’s nothing to do with gender so stfu
    Lol'd. pained?

    (Original post by Itsthe)
    Don’t compare actors to a job, actors get paid based on how well known they are for example Jennifer Lawrence will get paid more than John boyega because shes bigger nothing to do with gender
    top actors are pay to much male or female some get over $5000000 per film who is worth that much money.
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