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I worked a week lying on but my employer said I didnt, what are my rights? watch

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    I started working for a company on mon 13th nov 2017. (Its fortnightly pay btw) Anyways i received my first wage of £316 on the 24th Nov which is only one weeks wage. They told us this is due to the fact we work a week lying on and the cut off point is the friday in between paydays. So this cut off point for example was the 17th Nov. So from the 17th - 24th i didn't receive that payment. It was a call centre job which involved bonus too. When we got our January wages we didn't have our December bonus in there as they explained there had been a mess up with bonus so we would receive it the following payday. (We usually get bonus on the last payday off every month) Now in jan i received my first bonus to cover Decembers bonus payments. We also use a clock in system so they can get wages accurate. Anyways in jan for some reason eStart the system we used to clock on wouldn't work for me. However my team leader insisted this wouldn't affect my wages and he would resolve it. Payday came. I was down some hours due to the fact i couldn't clock on. Spoke to my team leader again who said it would be on the following wage. Feb came, by this point i was sick of this company so applied for another job. 18th Feb came and i decided not to go back. I didn't speak to my boss and didnt hand my notice in until the 22nd which i understand is breaching contract however by this point they had already breached their contract about 3 times. So didnt really think much of it. I know it was irresponsible to leave without handing notice in for a few days however i had gotten to the point where i didnt care about the company anymore after the way they treat us. Now a week ago on the 2nd feb i got paid 13 hours holiday thats it. Which is correct as i was owed them holidays. A few days ago i received my P45 which insinuated i had already had my last wage. So obviously i started to investigate and see what was going on. So firstly i emailed my team leader. No response. I contacted a few friends still working there who said my boss had been in work. So i emailed again - still no response. So today i rang the company, asked to speak to HR in regards to the payroll. The guy who answered said i would need to speak to ADP a separate company who deal with the payroll. So i rang them, they said my last bonus was paid and that was all i was getting. They also said they couldnt confirm payments until next week as tomorrow is cut off point when it all gets processed. Which is fair enough, the lady from ADP told me everything she could. So i ring my employer back and asked to speak to HR - there response "Sorry there isnt a direct line to HR is there anything i can help with?" So i explained the situation that im owed a week lying on, plus some hours i couldnt clock on plus bonus that should of been backdated. Also asked why my team leader hadnt replied. She told me my team leader has changed roles in the company and this is the reason he hadnt been intouch. I told her i had emails from my boss proving i was owed these wages. She said she would pass message over and she also said "noone in this company works a week lying on". By this point im absolutely livid that im being passed about like a cake and unable to speak to HR which im pretty sure is illegal to refuse me access to them. Anyways i sent my team leader explaining all the figures i believe i am owed and at the end of the email i said i had no choice than to go to ACAS if this didnt get resolved. And you'll never guess who finally replied after i threated with ACAS - MY TEAM LEADER FINALLY!! His exact words "ill look into it for you"

    Now im sorry for all that paragraph but i feel as if i am being palmed off here and nothing will be done about it.

    The cut off point for wages is tomorrow so if i dont try and resolve this by today there is a high chance ive missed out on receiving these wages next week.

    I understand i breached contract however they did first. They havent paid me money i was owed even when i was working for them!

    The last time this happened at an old company i threatened with ACAS and got the £400 i was owed on the same day!

    Now ive confirmed with the people i worked with and we were told we worked a week lying on.

    So at the very least im owed a weeks wage plus the few hours i couldnt clock on.

    I know its pointless ringing ACAS until i deffo havent received payments next friday.

    But can someone please just give me peace of mind that everything im saying is right?

    Also anyone who does respond, thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I know its a lot, but i really appreciate any response.
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