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Room Inspections?

Some people in my flat have been getting emails giving them 48 hours notice that someone is going to come and inspect their rooms. I know there's a couple of other topics here on this but I was wondering if anyone else has had one this year so far?

Also, I didn't actually get a notice about my room, so does that mean although the flat will be inspected my room will be ok? Or since they are inspecting others does that mean mine might just get a quick glance even though they haven't given me notice? Eep, slight panic xD
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Two of my flat mates have had their room inspected but I didn't get a notice so I assume they're not bothering with mine. Apparently it's two rooms for every flat and the kitchen is inspected and then a report is written. My kitchen has everything wrong with it apparently and we're going to get fined heavily.
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TRAILING WIRES!!! Yes, that's a wire going from your bedside lamp TO THE SOCKET.

Someone in my flat last year had an inspection and she had a different phone. They told her they wanted to see the phone she got with her room which was on top of her wardrobe. Then they told her she shouldn't stand on the chair - health and safety.

They're ridiculous. Don't take any notice of them.
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Trailing wires ditto! Perhaps if they provided more sockets...
Not worth getting into a panic about. They will find something wrong even if everything is perfect, just nod and make the right noises and they will go away again.
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Lol :smile: They came they went and they left absoloutly nothing to show they'd been here, it was weird! I wasn't inspected so I was fine. Wonder when we'll get the list of reasons why we're not getting any money back at the end of the year :smile:
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You don't get a list, they just take the money, and theres **** all you can do about it
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You don't get any advance warnings about your security deposit, they check your room after you have moved out, then let you know how much they are giving back. It bears no relation to the room inspections going on at the moment.
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They dont give you your money back because of trailing wires?
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They dont give you your money back because of trailing wires?

No! It is two different checks.
The room inspections going on now are mainly health and safety checks and they pick up things like trailing wires, obstructions in corridors, fire hazards in kitchens etc. If they find something wrong now they just warn you about it.
In the summer they look at the condition of your room and its contents and they fine you for any damage they say you have caused over the whole year. Examples are marks on paint, places where blue tack has pulled paint off, stains on carpets, broken cupboard doors etc. There is a list of damage and fines in the Residents Handbook.
Oh, and stained mattresses - that one cost me £90 last year, and it wasn't even me that did it!