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How long should I revise for at GCSE level? watch

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    Hi! I’m currently starting to revise for my GCSE’s more throughly, spending more than an hour or so on each subject.
    Does anyone know how many hours I should revise for a day now it’s march and my GCSE’s are in May and June?

    I’m aiming for 7/8’s and I want (hopefully) achieve those and I have been revising in the past.

    Does anyone have any advice for what I should do?

    Thank you in advance! x

    I don’t think there is a specific amount of time you should be each day. The actual exams although they will be hard will not be as hard as you expect from the ways teachers act like they will be. I’d say 3 hours a night is enough if you feel confident! Just make sure you have all your notes and revision material created soon so for the next coming months it’s just a case of reading and absorbing all the information for the exam. If there is one subject you especially struggle on make sure to give that a little extra time. If you feel you need a break from revision though make sure to have a night off.
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    There isn`t a magical number. The important thing is that you revise in an effective way.

    Basically, practice questions! That is by far the best way. Just reading notes or highlighting won`t help as much.
    There are a few good resources online with loads of questions for free! Seneca Learning is one of them and Quizlet is another one. You can also download past papers.

    Also try to plan your study time ahead. Come up with a timetable and stick to it. Plan how long you will be focusing on each subject each day. Remember that it`s better to do small chunks spread out over time than to do it all at once.

    Creating your own mind maps and diagrams is effective. Flashcards are effective as long as you really think hard before looking at the answer.

    There are a few blogs written by scientists that explain the best way to revise. These are very good ones:

    What is the best way to revise, by Seneca
    Strengthening the student toolkit, by Dulonsky
    What are the best ways to revise, by InnerDrive

    Hope that helps and good luck!
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