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    Just looking to vent and perhaps seek some advice.

    I've just started a new job in digital marketing - coming to the end of my second week now. On paper, I love the job. I get to write, do social media and that's basically been my whole career goal.

    However, it is so boring. I'll outline it out. I might do three articles a week. I update our social media channels maybe twice a day. Reply to a few emails. Put together some course material. And that's it. At most, there's maybe two to three hours of actual work in a day there. And I'm there for 8 hours. The vast majority of the time is me sat there scrolling through Twitter and refreshing my emails.

    The company I work for is very small. We work out of a small office and get 1 or 2 customers a week. However, whatever they purchase is worth roughly £2k so that's all we really need to hit targets and make money. There's only three people in the office too so the atmosphere is pretty much dead - no real conversation, no radio, nothing.

    I've persisted in asking my boss for more things to do but I think there's just a general lack of work to be done - I can see him doing exactly the same as me, scrolling through Twitter and refreshing emails. I honestly don't know why they felt it necessary to hire an extra marketing person - it just seems like a total waste of money.

    The problem probably lies in that, before this, I was a retail manager of a large store. I was constantly rushed off my feet, there was always something to do and no two days were the same. I was good at my job and, when I received my god awful paycheck every month, I was satisfied that I worked really hard and earned that. No matter how little it was.

    I left that job because I had to deal with customers. I really saw the worst of humanity - I had people "wait outside" for me and follow me leaving, I was threatened with violence multiple times and people effing and blinding over a £2 refund. I used to come home and be so stressed, snapping at everybody and everything and I was in an awful mood nearly all of the time. But I was never bored.

    I'm just not sure what to do right now. I'm determined to stick it out for a bit longer to see if it gets better. But I've always prided myself on putting happiness and job satisfaction above what I earn financially - it just feels like I've sold out a bit.

    Are all marketing and media jobs like this?

    Any advice would be great.

    I'm in gamedev but doing pretty much same stuff as you. I work from home for the past 6 months as I relocated and got 2 remote jobs. Both are ending soon so I'm looking for a new place. In my first company for which I've worked for 5 years I realized that you can't do much at your level, even if you really want to. If your company is saving money then you can't really expect any kind of responsibilities outside of what your boss wants from you, because giving your more job means having to pay your more money. I got an award for the best community manager in 2016 and all I got for it was a bunch of free steam keys. Whatever I did I never had pay rises and I didn't have much to do.

    Now at the second job, which is at a tiny indie studio, things are more interesting. I was hired as an 'expert' to bring over stuff that I learned from the first job. Unfortunately, there are some critical problems with the product itself, so I do what I can but my knowledge is limited, as is my power. I'm a single dude 200km away from their office sitting at home 24/7, which is very hard to bring yourself up to proper work every day. However, here I am my own boss and devs don't really give me tasks, usually just the direction, and I try to execute what I can, using all methods available to me.

    Point is, you will find *****y and decent things in any job. Wherever you'll go it will suck. But if it brings you significant benefits (good pay) then why not relax a bit and enjoy good weather. Opportunities are ahead of you. Give yourself a task, if you are bored. Reach certain following or run a cool event or do some research and enjoy. You never know what **** life will throw at you so better safe than sorry.
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    Well, weirdly, it's a nice problem to have. A real opportunity.

    A lack of direction is a problem, so it feels like you have to get creative and either do things on your own or seek inspiration from the wider marketing community.

    There are loads of free online courses you can do on your own. Google garage has some, or get google PPC qualified. You can get free ppc credit to get you started on Google Ad Words or LinkedIn ads - you could use these to try and generate leads for your business. If this works you can can agree a CPA (cost per acquisition) with your manager (£10 a lead? something like that?) and test the best media to get you the cheapest CPA.

    Imagine how much they'd love you if you started bringing in a sale a week? 50% increase in turnover. It'd be high fives and bottles of champagne all round. Bet they'd even let you turn the radio on ;-)

    An inbound marketing certificate would be useful to you - loads of places offer them for free and you could get lots of inspiration

    Or link up with your marketing community - eventbrite has loads of free events (these are in my town).

    A mentor could be great for you - if you went to uni your uni might offer a matching service, or reach out to people through LinkedIn. If someone hit me up on LI and said "would you mentor me" I'd be hard pressed to say no.

    In answer to your Q "are other marketing and media jobs like this" the answer is absolutely not, and I'd encourage you to think about what you want to say in your next interview. Do you want to try and make "refreshing Twitter" sound more interesting or blag that you did lots, or say "I was given a lot of freedom and not a lot of direction so I decided to do a, b and c, and I learnt x, y and z"


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