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    This may sound stupid but my family simply hate me. I’m just the ‘other child’ who’s more of a burden than a blessing. I honestly don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.
    As a young child I had some anger issues but nothing outrageous so I do understand why they would hate me then however 10 years later I’m much more mature and I’m actually the calmest one in the family, I never raise my voice even in an argument unlike my family. I have a Mum, Dad and a younger brother (only a year and a half younger), my mum sort of has to talk to me because of things you have to do if you know what I mean (e.g. it’s dinnertime or you have an appointment) but the conversations are never anything more than small talk. My dad just doesn’t know I exist, he flat out ignores me and only speaks to me to ask me something like ‘can I use your shower I don’t want a bath’ any other communication is mostly him complaining, moaning or shouting at me for something I didn’t do. My brother just shuts me out which I kind of understand because his PS4 is way more interesting than me apparently - it just upsets me to see how distant we are whilst everyone were around is so close with their siblings.

    These may sound like petty things but if you were in my body for a day you would see how every little thing adds up to make it feel like you are so unwanted. The only person that I feel like gives a crap about me is my grandma - not that I don’t appreciate or love her but she only has so long left you know?

    There’s a lot more detail I want to go into but I now how boring these long pieces can get so I’ll leave it there for now but feel free to ask for detail on a certain aspect.

    How do I make my family care about me or at least not hate me and why do they hate me?

    Is it possible that your family is just quite cold? It might just be that they are quite reserved by nature and not necessarily towards you.
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